How to be insta-famous

Heya guys! Before i start, i just want to say that I CANNOT believe people from France, Belgium,ย  Ireland, America and other countries view my blog -Thank you guys!! Your all awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

Right, back to the blog -So today, i want to talk about Instagram, a top picture sharing social media -and how to become famous on it. Or, at least, more noticed.

I\’m not in the famous circle myself, but I have had brushes with fame. Some things I\’ve posted went viral, I\’ve been on TV twice, and I\’ve been noticed by an Olympian and a (less famous) actor, not johnny Depp or someone like that.. -Sorry if you got your hopes up there! But yeah, so if you do decide to take these tips on board, just remember there not guarantees ๐Ÿ˜€

So, How do you become insta-famous?

Tip 1) Evaluate your feedback (OK, Ok, yes this does sound like a student-at-school thing, but i\’ll explain it in English) -Look at your most popular posts. What\’s different about them? Did you have a funny caption, tag people, was it the type of photo? Once you\’ve figured it out, post more of that type of content. NOT 24/7 though, that\’s just really off-putting. (Trust me, no-one likes a over-sharer.) Also do this for your less popular posts, it\’s good to have both ends of the stick at hand!

Tip 2) It\’s no surprise people with more followers get more likes and feedback in general. So, work on getting followers. Promote your instagramย on your other social networks, post interesting content regularly, (Not just posts about following you,) and make sure you have a cool looking feed, these all encourage people to follow you. This may take time, but you should find your followers increasing.

Tip 3) Cool or cringe? When you post something, just question it. Would i want to see this? What would my reaction be? If you do this, your likes and followers will improve because, believe it or not YOU are actually the hardest critic on yourself.

Tip 4) Be very patient -Numbers ARE numbers at the end of the day, so just enjoy the things you have already! It\’s easy to take them for-granted.

Do you have any tips on how to be instagram famous? I\’d love to hear them ๐Ÿ˜‰ Until next time!

infinite xoxo

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