Online DO\’s and DON\’Ts

Hey guys! 

Sorry for not posting in a while, but I hope you all had a Spook-tastic Halloween -Next Stop Christmas!!

So, since you guys seem to LOVE the tips, I thought I\’d give you what you wanted 🙂 so, how many of you have questioned whether or not to post something on social media? Yup, I know I have. All I can say is been there done that! Well don\’t worry, I\’m here to help as much as I can! So, next time your in these situations, you have a cheat sheet. Your welcome 🙂 

Online DOs:

1)interact with your audience! -This makes you feel good, AND your audience will appreciate it, too!
2)Post unique content regularly. -It doesn\’t have to be daily, or even weekly! Post when it suits YOU
3) Make sure your passwords secure (Sorry! My E-safety mode right there)

4) Be KIND, -It\’s so obvious, but remember Bambi? Awww such a cute film 🙂 But \”If you can\’t say anything nice, don\’t say anything at all!\” 
5) Facts and Opinions! Respect and acknowledge them. Also, don\’t fall into the trap of thinking \”My favourite channel is the best\” is what everyone else thinks, too. 

Online DON\’Ts :
Spam people. Trust me, they will NOT appreciate it.
Post too many links. (Same thing, right..?) But don\’t tweet links to the rest of your content 24/7 …

DON\’T say mean/hurtful things to others (Never ends well, trust me) just don\’t start a war!  

That\’s the shortlist 🙂 So I hope these are kinda helpful? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Infinite xoxo

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