How to improve videos :)

Heyaa guys! This blog is getting better than ever guys! Thanks so much 🙂

Today, I want to talk about how to make an amazing video -start to end- enjoy my general tips for making a really good YouTube video! Hope you enjoy it, and feel free to comment with your own tips too! -Love to hear them 😀

General video tips:
Keep your video as short as possible, this will help engage your audience, no one wants to be dragged through hours of footage! Find the best -and important- parts from your video, these are the things people want to see!

Make sure that its something you\’d want to watch yourself, yes, infinite\’s repeating herself and ignoring the fact that it makes people lose interest but its actually true! Your the biggest critique on yourself -If you do this right, it should show in your videos! By making them AWESOME!

Speaking on repetition… try not to repeat yourself in videos -This really makes people loose interest, and it also makes your video drag on! See if you say similar things in videos, and edit those bits to make your video shorter and more engaging! 

Make videos that you actually enjoy making! Don\’t do fashion if you love sports, basically. your fans will see your interested and sure, you may lose a subscriber or two, but your fans are here to support you, and they will! If you show your interested, and you care, people will see that and come back for more!

Premieres are a GREAT feature on YouTube, schedule a video to play in real-time, where you can chat to fans as well, like a live but with a pre-recorded video! It\’s a really good way to engage with fans and really fun to do from time to time!

So there you go! I hope you like my tips and I hope you enjoy bonfire-night, guys!! Christmas is creeping closer, I can\’t wait! I\’m getting a GoPro 🙂 SoOo EXCITED!! Anyways, have fun tonight guys! Bye!

infinite xoxo

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