2,600,000 Edits and counting..

Hey guys!! So, today -as a sequel to my video tips, i thought i\’d A) be more active by posting the next day, and B) post some editing tips..! Let\’s go! 🙂

When your editing…

Always, always, ALWAYS watch the whole video once done to make sure everything works and does what you want it to do! Nobody wants to watch a video that\’s out of sync and things like that. (No, infinite\’s NOT going to say that your the biggest critique on yourself… aghhh she just did!)

Make sure your editing actually works with the video, again, no rose petals at a car chase. Just keep it in mind, seriously, you\’d be surprised… 

Make sure that it isn\’t \”over the top\” It just makes the video loose quality in the long run. By over the top I mean 10 different effects for one scene. 

What to use: 

There are free apps out there that you can edit with, and yes i do admit they aren\’t as good as the ones you need to pay for, but it\’s great for when you start out. The editors all have different PRO\’s and CON\’s, some are easier, some have better features.. it\’s just finding one that does what you need in a straightforward matter.

Why you should edit:
In the long-run, edited videos have more views -they look more appealing. They are also shorter as all the unnecessary scenes are often cut out. you can emphasize certain parts of the video and in general edited videos are way, WAY better than non-edited ones 🙂

So, if your on the fence if you should edit -YES, you should! It\’s free and it\’s worth it! infinite xoxo

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