The best possible insta post :)

Woooah, guys!! it\’s been 4. WHOLE. DAYS. since my last blog. whoopsie… Anyways, i\’m soo happy to say that I\’m now on 249 YouTube subscribers! Thank you SO much for this, and yes, a special 250 sub special is an order (Did I mention this is going to be super cool??) ANYWAYS, infinite, get back on topic, the actual BLOG! Haha, sorry! I get a bit sidetracked sometimes…

As many of you have questioned, HOW do you get so many likes on Instagram?! (I don\’t, by the way, I only have 230 followers there, and my posts get an average of 31 likes each, SoOo don\’t feel bad. But I HAVE picked up tips from my 3 years since joining the picture sharing social media 😉  how many others have also been struggling with this? Well, I\’m here with some tips to help cure this question! -How to make THE Instagram post 😀

1) Don\’t post constantly, try to post only the important things. But try to post ENOUGH to keep followers? (yeah, it\’s very hard, just saying.) I broke this already, by the way. You COULD say I have a selfie fetish… I mean one every 24 hours isn\’t too bad, and that has slowed recently, but yeah my last post got quite a few likes 🙂  so I guess you could say it works..?

2) Make your posts different. Yes, your face is lovely, but maybe a few posts about your pets, or maybe some pretty cool shots by the river -something you\’d normally not do- would get some sweet, sweet likes? Give it a go, you\’d be surprised.

That\’s all I got, sorry… I don\’t really know to be honest. If YOU have some tips, why not share them in the comments below, because I really could use them too! Until then, guys!

infinite xoxo

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