3 Things to do BEFORE your famous!

Hey guys! It\’s getting closer and closer till Christmas -who already has their tree up? 🙂

Buy anyway, Today, i want to talk about things to definitely do before you reach fame, because then… well, let\’s just say you\’d wish you HAD done these things -so pay close attention! 🙂 (Don\’t worry, there\’s no quiz at the end, but it\’s a good idea to take these on board..!) So, without further ado.. My list of things to do before fame!

1) Figure out your style -One thing to do before you have the masses at your fingertips is figure out the thing or type of video your good at, and people enjoy. For me, it\’s gaming and blogs -So i upload plenty of those videos regularly, if you don\’t know your style yet, try a bunch of different things and see what gets the most positive feedback -You\’ll find something!

2) Delete irrelevant posts, before they can\’t be. I know, your probably saying \”well, there\’s a delete button, so why CAN\’T i delete stuff?!\”or at least thinking it, well lets just say, people can screenshot, record, and remember. So, if YOU\’VE deleted it, means the rest of the internet will, so BEFORE you hit your fame, just do regular checks of old and cringey videos that don\’t really represent the right now version of you

3) Enjoy life as a regular human, yes -weird, but once your famous that kind of it you\’ll be recognized everywhere, and, yes -everyone\’ll admit it can get very annoying so enjoy the normal life whilst you can, but also embrace your new one, I mean, people\’ll KILL to be famous -so make the most of it!

and ladies and gentlemen, is my amazing top 3 of what to do before your famous, so guys -if you are shooting for fame, then I hope you\’ll take these on board, and don\’t forget to leave your comments below! 🙂

infinite xoxo

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