Someone else\’s success is NOT your failure.

Hey guys, no, there is actually NO intro today…Well, I\’ll just jump in and explain what triggered this post, so in a nutshell

-We had an achievement assembly, which is all fun and games for people. Not really. I still did get an award, but it was still a pain watching everyone else walk up and get awards that I personally should have been included in, I mean, I\’ve worked my socks off! Has NOBODY even noticed?!

OK, first of all, I apologize for being so angry, but I am! I always do my best in lessons, contributing, putting in extra effort, In year 7, I even gave in my homework BEFORE IT WAS SET! (Not a lie!) So, how come I never get awarded for all this? It\’s so frustrating and it feels like I\’ve failed, and that there really is no point in trying because what\’s the point in doing all that if I don\’t get anything in return. Another time, I got a super high grade in my science test for my age, (about a B average in GCSE grades?) which I worked SUPER hard for, and yet the boy behind me gets the same grade who DIDN\’T EVEN REVISE. I mean, come on! What do I have to do to be better than someone for once around here?! (Plus, he got 1% higher than me In last year\’s End of year Exams. I never forgave him for that..)

So, as you can see. It\’s simple to become the green-eyed monster. But after screaming into a bath full of water (It works, you can scream AND nobody hears you!) I finally realized that, Yes, someone did get the same grade as me, Someone got the award I deserved, Yes, someone got 82% and I got 81%, BUT for me, getting that award, that B, that 81% at my age is really good and it\’s nothing that I should get angry about because so what if someone\’s better? Someone\’s always going to be worse than you, as well as better. So instead of caring that someone\’s better, I should be happy about what I achieved because it\’s ME who did it, and at the end of that day, that\’s all that matters. It\’s always good to have a competition to drive you further, but don\’t lose track of your own progress.

So focus on your own lane, and look straight ahead, Don\’t let someone else\’s success hold you back, focus on you, and then you\’ll go places 🙂

Infinite xoxo

P.S I have full intentions to beat that boy in my English this year! ahaha 🙂

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