Ideas to Inspire

Hey guys! Thank you for your patience, it\’s been ages since my last post. So I\’m back, don\’t worry guys nothing much happened. So today I want to talk to you about coming up with ideas. For anything really, a school project, a song, a YouTube video or Instagram post. So, A lot of you probably want to know how to come up with killer ideas.

Use inspiration! If you\’re inspired with something or someone, then use those ideas! If they do something a certain way, why not try it for yourself? However, keep within the copyright guidelines, and remember that you are also your own person! You\’re you for a reason!

Improve! Use what you have and find ways to make it better! If you want a way to make something easier, come up with a way to do it! For example. instead of having links for people to copy and paste, make them so people can click on them, or instead of having a link to one thing, set up a link to Linktree that has them all! (This may be confusing, but basically, make what there is better!)

Base it on what\’s popular: Ok, so has everyone heard of fidget spinners? OK, so the fidget CUBE is based on that idea, isn\’t it? Because fidget spinners were trending, people came up with something better, and this is what you should do, base it off what\’s trending, for example, if cat videos are popular, come up with a way to get a cat in your next post. etc.

NOTE IT DOWN: First and foremost, write your ideas down because you never know if you\’ll forget a super good idea if you\’re distracted! Keep a notebook with you in case inspiration strikes! I have one by me so if I have an idea during the night, I can write it down -this has happened so much I\’ve learnt to write in the dark! haha 

and that\’s it, I\’m afraid, I hope these are useful because I really want to see what you guys come up with 🙂

infinite xoxo

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