New year\’s resolutions :3

Hey guys! Happy new decade, Happy new year, it\’s 2020! I hope this year is filled with fun, surprises and Happiness even more so than 2019! With the new year, it\’s also fun to come up with new year\’s resolutions, so here is mine:

1) To be happy
2) To become famous
3) To keep my true friends
4) Post more on my channel and blog 🙂

This year, I\’m only sticking to 4 as I think it\’s more practical instead of having loads, and when you haven\’t done them you feel all bad about yourself. So they are the key ones for me 🙂

So I hope 2020 is such a cool year. and I hope that you still continue to check back and read my blog because they\’ll be LOADS more content -I\’ll try to post on a schedule so you guys know when to expect new content.

2019 was amazing, it was the biggest year of infinite-wolf-gamer\’s growth, I reach 250 subscribers, 250 Instagram followers, my channel got 31,000 views and there\’s only one place to go from here: UP!

Wishing you a super cool 2020 with amazing people and memories -infinite xoxo

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