Dealing with Drama (on AND offline)

Hey, guys today I want to talk about the drama you know what I mean. The kind that happens pretty much every day.

I thought I\’d give you some tips on how to deal with it yourself and please remember not to get too carried away it\’s very easy to make things worse
So number one: realise the cause of the drama and try to fix it. this can sometimes be extremely hard especially if it\’s been going on for ages but try to think about it before you end up doing something you might regret. if you can\’t remember then it\’s probably not worth fighting over anymore. 
Don\’t take it out on someone else. if you are going through a really annoying and trashy day then it\’s really easy to take your anger out on someone else that doesn\’t deserve it. It can also be super upsetting and you just feel worse about everything. so instead surround yourself by your friends and people that make you feel good about yourself and if the person who is causing all the drama happens to turn up try to avoid them as much as possible. 
Don\’t get carried away it\’s extremely easy to lose your temper over text because you can\’t see the person\’s reaction so before sending or saying anything I know people say this a lot but try putting yourself in the other person\’s shoes for a few seconds then say what you want to say and if it isn\’t going to make things better it\’s best not to say anything at all.
And if you are being bullied don\’t react who am I kidding it is super hard not to give a reaction but I guess sometimes it is the best option so to all of those who are dealing with drama both online and off don\’t forget that there are people who will help and your friends are always there to help 
That\’s all for now! If YOU have any tips I\’d love to hear them! Comment below 🙂
Infinite xoxo

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