Discoverability and New viewers!

OK, something -VERY- difficult for people starting out in the YouTube world is getting new people to watch, is it me, or do you feel stuck in a loophole because the same people are watching, commenting and liking your videos, which is great, but what some people really want to know is how to get new people to visit your channel, and how to get them to actually notice you?

So I went to the best place for answers -GOOGLE- and found so many different ways. But you know what? I decided to write about it right here because the best information comes from those who have the first-hand experience, right? I\’m happy to report I have some top-notch tips for getting that online world to see you, you\’ll never need to ask google again! Enough rambling, let\’s get on with the Tips!!

1) Tags! tag your videos in the description with everything you can think of to do with that video. This will help people when searching for these things, they\’re more likely to find your video. Tag the makeup you used in a tutorial, for example. This is ALSO a good tip for Instagram 🙂

2) Social media: Instagram, Twitter -You know it! There\’s tons of traffic on these sites, so set up a profile and link your channel in your BIO. Don\’t forget you can link your social media from your YouTube too. The more sites your on, the higher your discoverability. However, don\’t join every social network, choose up to 3 and really work on your profile before beginning a new one.

and my final tip for this blog.. 3) Post content regularly! Not only will your channel grow, but you\’ll also get new viewers and subscribers too! Another good tip is to post on a certain day so your followers know when to expect a new upload, every Friday, for example!

AAAAND that\’s all 🙂 Hope you enjoyed this blog, and as always if YOU have any tips don\’t forget to comment below! Ba-bye

infinite xoxo

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