Keeping your Motivation.

Heya guys! Thank you all my lovely readers for your continuous support in reading my blog, watching my channel and everything else you\’ve done for me 🙂 You guys are the greatest!

So today, I wanted to talk about Motivation, and believe me, it is not a skill your born with, because I mean, I\’ve been a YouTuber/blogger for 2 years and I still need these tips to help motivate me. They actually DO help! So, from someone who needs something really interesting to happen to actually focus, these are my tips so you stay on track and stay motivated:

1) See the results. As I\’ve said, I started a blog before, and I quit because nobody actually read it. The reason I keep this one up is that I\’ve seen people read it from LOADS of places around the world, which is super cool because people actually read it, and it\’s not just me spamming. I don\’t know why, or the psychological stuff behind it. But it\’s definitely a top tip in the motivation department.

2) Do something ELSE. Working on one little thing over time can get more than a bit boring. I mean, who else clicks on another website when supposed to be doing something else? I can\’t deny that I\’ve done those things… So take breaks and do something else. When I met KONNIE HUQ, yes, the BP presenter! She told us this- when she was writing her book, she said she wrote 500 words then went off and did something else entirely. That\’s actually a SUPER bit of advice. If you didn\’t believe me, then that probably reassures you! haha!

3) Why? It\’s a simple thing, why on earth are you doing this? For me, I do YouTube for so many different reasons i\’d need a Book SERIES to write them in, but yeah, basically, Keep reminding yourself why you do something, Like for the community, for that dream of becoming famous (2 of the reasons I do YouTube) It\’s so simple but it drives you to finish what you started, and you will!!

Whatever your doing, keep motivated, there IS life after this you know!

infinite xoxo

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