Instagram -What to post and When!

Hey guys! I\’m back with the tips 🙂 🙂 Today, I\’m going to discuss Instagram -I\’m certain a lot of are advised of all the features you can use, such as IGTV, stories as well as regular posts. However today I\’m going to give you some advice so you can maintain your followers, keep your profile active, but, at the same time, not look like a social media addict.

So, how often should I post what? 

Weekly, I recommend posting 2 to 3 posts to your profile. Plus about 3 stories a week, these are an important part of your followers\’ engagement. Doing so means that people are also prone to check out your page. I also think posting 1 IGTV video a week is a reliable idea.

If you want me to cover the other socials, you know what to do! Until then, my readers 🙂

infinite xoxo

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