Life stuck inside :/

Hey guys,

So, unless you\’ve been living under a rock, we\’re living through a pandemic. And so we\’ve all been told to stay inside, and most places are shut across the globe… basically, it\’s a mess. So I\’m just trying my best to cope indoors. Doing my work from home, dreaming of summer… I don\’t know how long I can last, because a couple days and I\’ll start to go stir crazy. At least I have some people out there interested in what I say. So that\’s why this blog is going to be filled with almost-daily entries of my *super fun* life stuck behind doors.

It sounds like I\’m in Quarantine, but I\’m not. I can go outside, but only if necessary. So far, I think I\’m Only JUST managing to stay positive. I mean, there\’s a deadly virus about, I\’m separated from my friends, and I\’m going to get bored so, sooo quickly!

I hope you guys are coping better! If any of you have been reading, I\’d love to hear about it below…

Until then, Infinite xoxo

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