Isolation: day 1

Hey guys! so, it\’s day one of self-isolation and, I hate to admit this, but I\’m ALREADY running of things to do. I spent all day (yesterday) playing keyboard, guitar, watching TV reading books, -even the ones I\’ve read already- and just moping around the house. I\’m glad my mum is limiting my screen-time (Words you will probably never hear again) because otherwise, I\’d be a zombie! It\’s not that phones are addictive, it\’s just that I\’ve got nothing better to do at the moment. Which is really sad. Normally, I\’d be at school, outside, and not have loads of time to film stuff. But now… (some more words you\’ll never hear again) I want to actually DO homework. Because I have absolutely nothing to do right now.

Can I just put it out there that those of you who have siblings and/or a garden are probably better off than me? I have a balcony that is to crowded with plants to physically move on, and I\’m an only child. So it\’s pretty lonely sometimes. Yay me!! But anyway, tomorrow, I\’m expecting a ton of schoolwork, which should keep me pretty busy… Except for the fact I\’ll probably complete it all in 3 days then I\’ll be bored the other 4. If that does happen, I\’ll be like \”TOTALLY CALLED IT!\” *apologies for my sarcastic sense of humour*

Yesterday, I completed a History assignment (to take up 3 50 minuet lessons = 2 hours and a half) which I got set on Friday (our last official day of school) which goes to show that it really doesn\’t take a lot of time, I THINK I did it to the \”High standards\” expected of top set. (Anyone else have that?)

But anyway, I hope today goes better. There might be some good films to watch or something… I don\’t know, but hey. I\’m glad you guys (if anyone has been!) are reading, it makes me feel less alone!

I\’l  Check back soon (Like, WAAAAY sooner than you think)

infinite xoxo

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