Isolation: Day 2

Afternoon, My lovely readers!

Today was, in one word: Meh. I guess it could have been a LOT worse, so today was regular, more keyboard practice, hanging off the stair bannisters for as long as possible (30 seconds) reading, watching some TV. Yup, pretty much identical as yesterday.

However, we also made masks -surgical style masks, not the paper mache kind- because why not? It was fun except I pricked myself with a needle a dozen times (Hey, I could have been sleeping beauty and slept through this pandemic..?!) Anyway, as you can tell, I\’m DESPERATE for things to do. Even sewing and I\’m terrible at it…

I\’m actually EXCITED about the online homework I\’ll be getting tomorrow. Yes, I repeat, EXCITED! But anyway, I hope your days have been more productive than mine!

infinite xoxo

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