Isolation day 6:

Hey guys!! Today\’s looking OK! I mean, I\’ve continued reading some of your comments, and I also

Made a video where I was reacting to them which was pretty fun to do! That always cheers me up, and I\’ve got some more filming and other things to do today, so I should be pretty busy.
So yeah! The plan today is I\’m going to be filming again and making some unicorn-horn macarons, which I will be recording in case any of you guys wanted to try them too 🙂 I hope you guys are also having fun with this home-schooling stuff, because, to be honest, it\’s OK, I have tonnes of time to myself but I also miss the whole school environment, seeing my friends and just hanging out. We always have jokes, even about regular things like scrunchies… yeah, it\’s pretty weird but also hilarious! -I\’ll update you how today goes later on 🙂 Bye for now!! Infinite xoxo

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