Isolation day 7: My 50th post!

Hey guys! I can\’t believe it\’s my 50th post… That\’s CRAZY! It\’s such a shame I had to celebrate it in Isolation, though. But anyway, I made my meringues and they turned out pretty nice! As well as just chatting with my tutor-group on Instagram, So as it\’s Saturday, that means watching Max and Harvey FOMO (The TV show I\’ve been featured on 3 times!!!) and just chilling. Ever since this isolation, I feel like I\’ve had to much time on my hands, yesterday, I uploaded 2 videos in a day, which, normally, with editing and everything, takes me 3 days to do. it\’s a complete turnaround from my usual complaints of not having any time at all. Even though I\’ve had loads of time to work on my YouTube goals, (getting monetized!) I still feel bored and just BORED. 😐 But Y\’know, At least I have my online word to live in. That\’s pretty cool (With all of you guys, obviously!) so that\’s what I\’ll be doing.

Wishing you all a super fun day with super fun people 🙂

infinite xoxo

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