Isolation day 8:

Hey hey hey guys! I\’m actually in a good mood today because over-night I\’ve had a bunch of new subscribers and followers! Thank you guys so much!

Despite this, though, it\’s actually strange not being able to go out… Normally on my weekends, I spend them outside, going to the shops, walking, just doing whatever. So it\’s weird NOT doing that. I miss it, so, so much. It\’s my 1st weekend not being able to do that, so I might as well get used to it. BUT STILL. The first thing I\’m going to do when the pandemic is over is spend all day outside.

How easy it is to get bored with the same 4 walls? -The short answer is VERY. It\’s my 8th day in Isolation, and, as much as I\’d LIKE to climb out the window and escape to freedom, it\’s probably not the best thing to do in the current situation. (Please DON\’T attempt to climb out windows, guys.)

But anyway, today, I\’m just going to… I have no idea. I have nothing to do, really. Probably read or play the keyboard. Or make a massive mind-map of things I could do for videos. Something along those lines.

The clocks went forward an hour, which normally I\’d hate (An hour LESS of sleep!!) But now, though, it means 1 less hour of boredom a day, which I\’m ALL for!

Hope you guys are coping well!

Infinite xoxo

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