Things are boring…? create a buzz!

Hey guys! A super quick blog today, as I haven\’t really been active… oops!

But I assure you, I haven\’t forgotten about you! Today\’s blog is what to do when things online get too \”boring\” I\’m pretty sure you know what I mean? When you get that \”Why did I even do this feeling?\” No likes, comments, nothing to post? views dropping? Things slowing down? Yup, THAT kind of boring. 

So how to combat it? EASY, just read the title! 

Create a BUZZ!

1) changing it up. Change/Remake old and outdated things so they\’re all shiny and new. Think of it like… when someone comes to school with a new haircut. That kind of new. Same person and principles, just something different people WILL notice. Maybe try a new channel art, mix up your playlists, new videos, perhaps even a whole channel makeover!
2) Getting out there! This is a great tip for procrastinators like myself. It can be as simple as simply taking part in an online community, commenting on a couple posts or videos, supporting your friends\’ channels. Just something that will get you seen, and make you feel good in the process, too! Having that energy and will power is really important. 
3) Work on your social life! Though with COVID, you can\’t exactly to partying, but staying social is a great way to being noticed -You could send messages to people you might not have talked to in a while, a \”long time to see!\” text. or following Step 2 This will get your phone beeping with at least some messages and responses. Respond to people\’s stories and posts and find new opportunities to keep you busy.
4) Understand the Algorithms. Ok, a technical one here, but understand exactly how your posts are promoted and what makes them stand out to specific social media can really help! For example, posts on Instagram that are saved and shared do better than ones with more likes but with fewer shares and saves. So maybe that\’s the reason your current social media status is…. not the best currently 
My biggest tip is to simply: Relax about it! If things aren\’t buzzing, it\’s OK, take a break and just use the time where your social media isn\’t constantly blowing up to simply just live your life… ILR.

Give it a go next time things in your life feel… way too boring! Soon enough your back on track and living a new, shiny social life. 
See you soon 🙂

Infinite xoxo

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