Tools every YouTuber needs to know about:

 Hey, everyone! This blog is inspired by my own experiences with this question. 

What tools do I need to succeed as a YouTuber? Are there any websites or useful places to have in your back pocket? 

So, believe it or not, I went to google. 

Do you know what I found? nothing. Nada. The first thing that came up was a bunch of equipment my bank balance is still unable to afford. It was quaking, I tell you. 

So then I asked myself: Do I need this stuff, just to be successful? No. So what was the point in just getting a bunch of random items like fancy cameras and ring lights, to answer a question that many people, and myself, need a good, solid answer too? The answer is not equipment. Is it?

So I decided to rewrite the rulebook, and come up with my own list to this question, and I hope you find that somewhat useful, too. 

Number 1) The most important, number 1  tool I always, always use is my YouTube analytics. Believe it or NOT, this tool is a really important one. Sure, it may seem dreary and dull and -who cares- but if you know how to use it, and make it your friend, then it will reward. It shows you when your audience is active, so you know a good day and time to post, it helps you filter your comments, so you can answer comments that have questions in, etc. so it\’s a million times easier to be Active in your youtube community and a bunch of cool features that give you that boost you need to create better content for your fans. They\’re the ones that matter at the end of the day, right?

2) A background remover and thumbnail maker. Thumbnails… They are basically the face of your video. and most people want a pretty face, don\’t they? I\’m sure you\’ve come across videos where the thumbnail is a blurry, phone screen-sized clip from the video, right? Now, Do you want to click on those? Mostly, No. A thumbnail really does help, even if you take the time to choose 1 out of the 3 YouTube recommends to you, it boots the people who want to click on your video. A thumbnail editor and background remover don\’t have to be fancy, there are great FREE tools, like Pixlr X and Pixlr E, and a background remover isn\’t much harder to find! These steps really help improve clickability

3) The YouTube Studio phone app. The phone app is super cool, as it helps you view comments, stats on your latest video, edit and make changes, PLUS show you your analytics, as in-depth as the original studio! For the serious YouTuber, or ones that just want to have this on the go, this free app is a must!

Okie Dokie, I know this has been a loooong blog entry, but I feel like, if I searched for tools every YouTuber needs to succeed… I\’d want something like this to come up. You know? I know they\’re basic, but that\’s the best place to start, honing in on the basics. So good luck! and feel free to share any more tools in the comments below!

Wishing you a lovely Monday,

infinite xoxo

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