Tools ALL celebrities have.

 Hey guys! 

So this blog came about in a funny way, actually. I was looking to find some ways to grow my own fanbase -So I searched for what tools all celebrities have/use, and, actually, all I found was ADs for companies with services I wasn\’t at the point of using yet -Priced at $199 a year! Or something INSANE like that! All I know is it wasn\’t ANYTHING NEAR what I wanted to find. There was hardly anything useful at all. (Unless you\’re rich…) I don\’t know if there\’s a secret part of GOOGLE to find this stuff, but enough is enough. So I decided to write my own list, sure, It wouldn\’t help Me, but I hope at the very least It helps you that little bit more! 

Here\’s MY list on tools I feel all celebrities have/need to know about: 

Besides the obvious…

By \”Obvious\” I\’m Talking Social MediaInstagram, Twitter and everyday Social media like that-But everyone knows about them already, so that wouldn\’t be a lot of help. Of course, it\’s super important, and I have Tips on different aspects of social media here on my blog! But for now, these are the not so spoken about ones I personally found really helped.

1) Analytics. 

OK, a very simple one to start with, but I feel all celebrities have a grasp over their fan\’s analytics. I know it should be counted with \”The obvious\” But I feel this is such a useful tool that can tell you a lot, like when your fans are active, at what point in a video fans start to lose interest -Honing those skills is so useful to learning and improving your content. So take the time to learn how to find the useful data and it will pay off! Every social media has basic analytics, so I would definitely take the time to have a look at them! 

2) Social Media Schedulers. 

Tweet deck, later, Hootsuite…Only to name a few! All these have FREE PLANS, which sure, don\’t offer the best of the best, but they\’re so useful to keep fans engaged while freeing up your schedule. You can schedule tweets, Instagram posts (Though some plans have limitations) Then don\’t have to worry about the next uploading day. This tool is simply for Time off. -Personally, I like to post content without a scheduler, but when I KNOW I have a busy week ahead, or won\’t have WIFI (Sob, sob) Then this is a lifesaver -Literally! I would highly recommend getting one of these for situations where you need them. Don\’t forget to interact with your fans, too! People with schedulers often forget to do this, and it\’s essential to. Organisation is a key part of it too!

3) \”Tools to do everything you need.\”

Ok, I feel this is going to need explaining… by this, I mean things like (These are ones I use) Apps/tools to edit PDFs, to remove unwanted pictures of you that come up online, to resize/convert image files. and easy background removal tools. -I have all these starred to my home bar so they\’re easy to find. It\’s so useful to have all these tools at your disposal, what I would do is spend time looking for a way to do whatever you want for very little/Free and find the one that works best and does what you want. These are so useful to improve your quality and speed, which (Like point 2) gives you more free time and also means you can do what you need easily, without expensive software.

4) Verbal Feedback

This is also SO important, what I do is ask my friends what THEY think of my social profiles, and ask them how I can make them better. They\’re so sweet and give me constructed criticism, such as \”Oh, you could condense your highlights\” Which I find so useful! It doesn\’t even have to be verbal, or from your friends, put an Instagram questionnaire on your story and watch the results pour in! 🙂 Verbal feedback is vital for improvement as if you don\’t know what the fans want, how will you ever be better? -Just don\’t do it too often, as we all know how annoying asking the same question OVER and OVER can get 🙂
That\’s it! Hope you enjoy my tips, I know they aren\’t the best, -I\’m still learning myself- But I hope they helped!
Thanks for reading!
Infinite xoxo

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