Getting my friend into HARRY POTTER! Post 1 :)

 Hey guys! Sooo as the Title Suggests -I decided to introduce my friend, Hello, Lukey loops if you\’re reading this, into the wizarding world. 😅

I found out he had NEVER read a harry potter book (EVER) -Which is a grave sin in my view. But he\’s my friend, so I decided to help him out a little in that department.  (No ministry of Magic jokes here, I know what a wasted opportunity.) 

So, I just happened to have a spare copy of the first book and me being the person I am decided to mail it. (Guys, it took me 15 mins of scrolling through 2 MONTHS of conversation to find out where he lives. Is that dedication or just pure stalking…?) Anyway, In case he reads this I did add a few surprises which I will add after he gets the package in the mail (Let\’s just say it took a while to get together AND a lot of my mum\’s eyeshadow palette…) 

Confusion aside, I decided it would be funny/somewhat entertaining to document his reaction to the first book, because… content. And Besides, Harry Potter is AMAZING! -I know he\’s not going to fall head over heels obsessed with it, but I\’m sure he\’ll enjoy it. Just wait till he gets to the fanfictions haha!

Anyway, Just for your information, he\’s a Gryffindor. Oh, in case your wondering, I\’m a GryffinCLAW (Pottermore says I\’m a Ravenclaw, but You know. I feel like i\’d do well in both)

(Oh and Lukeys\’ a BIG Gryffindorc. Joking, I want to stay alive, so…) 

Let me know what your first reactions to Harry potter was! Mine was probably like… HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS EXISTSED. or something along those lines.

And comment below if you want a second post on this.

See you soon, Witches, Wizards and Muggles Alike!

Infinite xoxo

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