How to stop Blogger tracking your own Pageviews. 2021 (step by step guide)

 Hey, everyone! Today I thought I\’d do a quick tutorial for all the new bloggers out there! Showing you how to stop blogger counting your page views because with blogger, every time you refresh the page your views go up by 1, and this can be misleading if YOUR views get counted in this too! So this is the new updated dashboard 2021 version! Enjoy 🙂

Step 1: Go to \”STATS\” In your blogger Dashboard:

(Shown in the image)
The first step is to go to the \”STATS\” Page in your blogger dashboard

This should be on the menu under \”New Post\”

Once you click on it, the first thing you are shown your stats for your blog. 

Step 2: Scroll to the end of your stats page:

The next step will be to scroll to the end of your stats where you will see a link called \”Manage the tracking of your own page views\” Click this link and you should be taken to a different window.


This is the page you\’re brought too, and the last step would be to check the box and then You\’re done! Blogger will no longer count your own page views!

Step 4: That\’s it 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial and it was somewhat helpful to all you new bloggers out there! 🙂 Let me know what you want to see next! 
Infinite xoxo

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