Hey everyone, I’m writing as something’s happened that I really want to share with you guys. So, I’ll take you back to the beginning of the school year…

I was put in a class, 2nd to Top set. Actually “parallel to top set” (But just different science GCSEs, if that makes ANY sense to anyone out there.)  And I HATED it at first because I’ve ALWAYS been the top set kind of girl. Yes, you could argue it was “technically” Top set, but it wasn’t good enough (For me) When we went back to school in September, yes I had friends, a lot of them, and people I could talk to and laugh with. But it was different, you know? It didn’t feel right.

Something in the back of my mind was thinking about the laughs I could have had in this “higher” set.

Then, over the next couple of months, I grew to like my own set and finally declared ‘It didn’t suck’.  I still had… Football, I’ll call him, We’ve always been in the same classes and groups for everything since Year 7, (Sorry American readers, I don’t know the equivalent. 4/5th grade maybe? The grade you’re in when your 11, basically.) Football is basically my Twin brother (Just to clarify, we’re NOT related at all, he just looks and acts like me so…) My friends were there too, and I’m really lucky I had them as I would have had a MELTDOWN if I didn’t, honestly. The point is I did well in that class, REALLY well, it seems. 

Today, I got called out of tutor and told, after Easter, I’d be in the higher set. Of course, in the heat of the moment, it was AMAZING, so incredible I was BUZZING as I went to tell everyone I’d be in the higher set. Then it dawned on me.

I’d be in a higher set. I’d be LEAVING

Ok, that makes it sound VERY over-dramatic, but I wouldn’t be with those friends, I wouldn’t be with that class I’d grown to like, and worst of all… I’d be breaking the fact I’d always be with My twin. 

I had literally just found my place in that class. I had JUST gotten accepted. I had just accepted within myself I wasn’t with the same people anymore. I was genuinely HAPPY!

And now, my wish of being in a higher set was coming true, in the worst way possible.

Yes, It’s everything I wanted since I found out about the classes this year, yes I’d be with my friends, just not the same ones, but I’d still have friends. 

It’s just everything I’m leaving behind. 

I know it’s “Not the end of the world” But honestly, it’s heartbreaking as I’ll never see those friends in classes anymore. We don’t take the same GCSEs, so the only window is our break times, and that change is so… just ANNOYING! If I’m being fully honest.

It’s like breaking up with someone. (Just not as bad, but the emotion is kind of the same) Going from knowing someone that well, and then one day it just all ends… That’s kind of what I’m going through right now, with my class situation. But I suppose breaking up with someone eventually leads to you finding the right person, which is also true with my class situation.

It leads to me having 1 extra GCSE in science and higher standards. And if you know me, you’ll know I love a challenge. 

So I’m going to take this in my stride and hope for the best. The memories I made in set 2 aren’t going to suddenly become less important, and I have some really great ones with that class.

Like today, it’s bittersweet. but I got an easter egg for getting 2nd highest in the year for an Essay (Hey, didn’t I say on an old blogpost 2/3 years ago I’d beat a certain boy on my essay? Well, I DID! haha!) And I shared it with my set. 

I don’t like chocolate that much. Of course, I eat it, but sharing it just made it so much better. 

Anyway, I’m going to hope for the best, after Easter, and See what happens. I found my place in set 2, I can do it again in set 1. And no matter what happens, I made some of the best memories with set 2, so I’ll always have that, Won’t I?

Change sucks. Period. It happens at the worst times, and in places that hurt us the most, like friendships, (classes…) But I hope you take at least one thing away from this blog post.

Change ISN’T the end. 

It isn’t, I’m not leaving my school, I’m not leaving anywhere. And I’m grateful for it.

I managed to find something positive in MY situation, and hope you can if you’re going through somthing similar too!

Stay strong, my lovely readers, I know you have it in you, because if I, the biggest clutz and awkward disaster alive, can do it. I have no doubt in my mind you’ll get through it too!

Till then 🙂 

Infinite xoxo

How to LOOK like you\’ve spent time on your essay (Due today…)

 Hello, everyone! Today we\’re back with some tips, this time, Online school Ones!

 So we\’ve all been there. When you just realised that the really long, unnecessary essay you\’ve been casually putting off is suddenly due TODAY and you frantically message the ONLY person in your class who *Actually* might have done it? Haha, Normally I\’m that person people message. But anyway, today I was working on one of my essays and I thought of doing a blog about this. 

So welcome to my quick, easy tips for how to LOOK like you\’ve spent longer than you actually did on an essay 🙂 Hope this helps a few of you out! 

1) Headings:

The first tip is probably the easiest one, and probably one you already do quite regularly,  but I find it really important! The use of Headings. So simple yet so effective. Here\’s my recent Media Essay as an example:

Essays With heading vs Without heading👇

Why should I use a heading? (See what I did there? haha)
using a larger, underlined heading or subheading for each paragraph makes your essay look a lot more organised, and easier to read and skim through. Below Is my essay but without a heading. As you can see it makes it look more rushed, harder to read and not to mention it looks slightly copied and pasted. Using

This simple trick makes it look like you\’ve spent time organising your work when really you\’ve just added a couple of sentences 2 fonts larger 🙂
2) Spellchecking: (with my musical metaphors…)
Another quick tip! I know, I know. I suppose a lot of you are thinking \”Well I do this stuff anyway\” But Again, good spelling and grammar are a key indicator of how much time and effort you\’ve put into an essay, especially a hand-written one. Luckily, like a lot of us, if you\’re working online, then you can easily spell check your work in a few simple clicks. Taking the time to do this regularly minimises the chance of spelling errors and random letters creeping in, and that makes your writing look a LOT cleaner in the long run. All you musical people out there, think of it as playing a piece without that accidental note. It just makes the musical piece (AND your writing) sound (and look) a lot better.  Plus, fun fact, some GCSE exams award 5% for good SPaG, so it\’s good to work on those skills now! 
Using a spellchecker is also good if you have an essay due for your language course, as you can alter the language word spell checks in a few seconds, you\’ll never miss those accents again! So make use of the simple button at the corner of your screen!

3)  The 0.5 larger font size.

Another sneaky tip is the font size. If you\’re REALLY running out of time, or it\’s so late you can\’t keep your eyes open to write another letter, then increasing the font size by this tiny amount can make a big difference. If you don\’t know how to increase your font size, click on the font size box, and type in your desired number, in this case, 0.5 bigger than your original font size. Here\’s the difference below:

👈Font size 12

👈Font size 12.5
As you can see, there is such a slight difference that if you have to write in a specific font size nobody\’s likely to notice, however, it makes your font big enough that overall it takes up more space in the document, not only that but it makes it look like you\’ve written more. Which is always good. I remember this one time someone got praise for writing a lot when they just had larger handwriting than me. So I can safely say it really does work. 

4) \’Quickly\’ adding Quality

I\’m sure a lot of you have heard of the phrase \”Quality over Quantity\” or something like \”Slow and steady wins the race\” (Not sure how that applies here, but OK) Which basically means, for something to be good, you need to spend time on it. You need to work on it.  With this tip, that\’s not entirely the case. Basically, with an essay, your teacher is looking for 4 specific things: Information, clarity, effectiveness and Details (I.C.E.D) So if you know how to Add those things QUICKLY and know what information to look for, then you can simply add a couple of sentences and make your essay a WHOLE lot better.
Add: The key Information (The I-)
-Look at the guidelines set by your teacher, if they have set specific things to include for your work.
-Specific dates/Year
-The 5 W\’s (Who, what, when, where, why)
-Background information.
Clarity (The C-)
-Follow all the clarity tips mentioned: Headings, spellchecking and make sure your sentences make sense. This is just a matter of checking over your work.
Effectiveness (The E-) 
-This is just a fancy way of saying: Does your essay provide the message you want it too? Does it have all the relevant information? Is it easy to read and understand?
And finally The Details. (The \”D\”-)
This is just a way of quickly improving your essay with a few simple sentences and extra information.
-\”This is a difference/similarity between X & Y\” 
(This is a useful one for English work) -\”This would make the reader/audience feel that\”
(This one I use a LOT myself) Feature/Event X is a key part of Y because. 

And 5:

A FRIENDLY REMINDER TO DO. YOUR. HOMEWORK ON TIME! 🙂 -the best tip i can give ahah

Infinite xoxo

How to stop Blogger tracking your own Pageviews. 2021 (step by step guide)

 Hey, everyone! Today I thought I\’d do a quick tutorial for all the new bloggers out there! Showing you how to stop blogger counting your page views because with blogger, every time you refresh the page your views go up by 1, and this can be misleading if YOUR views get counted in this too! So this is the new updated dashboard 2021 version! Enjoy 🙂

Step 1: Go to \”STATS\” In your blogger Dashboard:

(Shown in the image)
The first step is to go to the \”STATS\” Page in your blogger dashboard

This should be on the menu under \”New Post\”

Once you click on it, the first thing you are shown your stats for your blog. 

Step 2: Scroll to the end of your stats page:

The next step will be to scroll to the end of your stats where you will see a link called \”Manage the tracking of your own page views\” Click this link and you should be taken to a different window.


This is the page you\’re brought too, and the last step would be to check the box and then You\’re done! Blogger will no longer count your own page views!

Step 4: That\’s it 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial and it was somewhat helpful to all you new bloggers out there! 🙂 Let me know what you want to see next! 
Infinite xoxo

Getting my friend into HARRY POTTER ~Post 2

Hello, My fellow Hogwarts students! Welcome to post 2 🙂 -Thanks so much for all your support on post 1! 

Sooo as the Title Suggests -I decided to introduce my friend, Hello, Lukey loops if you\’re reading this, into the wizarding world. 😅 If you haven\’t, check out post 1 for the start of the story! Otherwise, it\’ll be a BIT confusing! Anyway, for those who already have read that post, welcome to part 2!

So, first off, I remembered I didn\’t ever tell you the \”surprises\” I put in the parcel, as he hadn\’t got it when I made post 1, I couldn\’t. (I know he reads this blog) BUT He got the parcel last Saturday! First-class mail magic!

 So, basically, I hand drew the Hogwarts crest (Which he annoyingly ruined but oh well, It looked cool for a while!) And I made a very cool acceptance letter with Exactly The same words on A certain Mr H potter\’s letter. Plus a train ticket to Platform 9 and 3/4 🙂 -Though I FORGOT to put a border on it, but I\’ll skip over the details.

And of course, a copy of the philosophers stone! I really wanted to get a Gryffindor limited edition one, (As I said in post 1 he\’s a Gryffindor!) But never mind! 

Now for the main part your all PROBABLY all waiting for, \”What was his reaction to Harry Potter?!\” 

Well, as you can see, he only read the first few pages *The parts with The Dursleys* But here is his reaction so far-  👇

All I can say is we have a new Potterhead, people! AND he hasn\’t even got to the good parts yet! Haha. 

Anyway, I guess that\’s all for this 2nd post on the \”Getting my friend into Harry Potter\” Series until he does a bit more reading! -I will give you all a much-wanted update soon!

Bye for now, Witches, wizards and muggles alike!

Infinite xoxo

Getting my friend into HARRY POTTER! Post 1 :)

 Hey guys! Sooo as the Title Suggests -I decided to introduce my friend, Hello, Lukey loops if you\’re reading this, into the wizarding world. 😅

I found out he had NEVER read a harry potter book (EVER) -Which is a grave sin in my view. But he\’s my friend, so I decided to help him out a little in that department.  (No ministry of Magic jokes here, I know what a wasted opportunity.) 

So, I just happened to have a spare copy of the first book and me being the person I am decided to mail it. (Guys, it took me 15 mins of scrolling through 2 MONTHS of conversation to find out where he lives. Is that dedication or just pure stalking…?) Anyway, In case he reads this I did add a few surprises which I will add after he gets the package in the mail (Let\’s just say it took a while to get together AND a lot of my mum\’s eyeshadow palette…) 

Confusion aside, I decided it would be funny/somewhat entertaining to document his reaction to the first book, because… content. And Besides, Harry Potter is AMAZING! -I know he\’s not going to fall head over heels obsessed with it, but I\’m sure he\’ll enjoy it. Just wait till he gets to the fanfictions haha!

Anyway, Just for your information, he\’s a Gryffindor. Oh, in case your wondering, I\’m a GryffinCLAW (Pottermore says I\’m a Ravenclaw, but You know. I feel like i\’d do well in both)

(Oh and Lukeys\’ a BIG Gryffindorc. Joking, I want to stay alive, so…) 

Let me know what your first reactions to Harry potter was! Mine was probably like… HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS EXISTSED. or something along those lines.

And comment below if you want a second post on this.

See you soon, Witches, Wizards and Muggles Alike!

Infinite xoxo

Tools ALL celebrities have.

 Hey guys! 

So this blog came about in a funny way, actually. I was looking to find some ways to grow my own fanbase -So I searched for what tools all celebrities have/use, and, actually, all I found was ADs for companies with services I wasn\’t at the point of using yet -Priced at $199 a year! Or something INSANE like that! All I know is it wasn\’t ANYTHING NEAR what I wanted to find. There was hardly anything useful at all. (Unless you\’re rich…) I don\’t know if there\’s a secret part of GOOGLE to find this stuff, but enough is enough. So I decided to write my own list, sure, It wouldn\’t help Me, but I hope at the very least It helps you that little bit more! 

Here\’s MY list on tools I feel all celebrities have/need to know about: 

Besides the obvious…

By \”Obvious\” I\’m Talking Social MediaInstagram, Twitter and everyday Social media like that-But everyone knows about them already, so that wouldn\’t be a lot of help. Of course, it\’s super important, and I have Tips on different aspects of social media here on my blog! But for now, these are the not so spoken about ones I personally found really helped.

1) Analytics. 

OK, a very simple one to start with, but I feel all celebrities have a grasp over their fan\’s analytics. I know it should be counted with \”The obvious\” But I feel this is such a useful tool that can tell you a lot, like when your fans are active, at what point in a video fans start to lose interest -Honing those skills is so useful to learning and improving your content. So take the time to learn how to find the useful data and it will pay off! Every social media has basic analytics, so I would definitely take the time to have a look at them! 

2) Social Media Schedulers. 

Tweet deck, later, Hootsuite…Only to name a few! All these have FREE PLANS, which sure, don\’t offer the best of the best, but they\’re so useful to keep fans engaged while freeing up your schedule. You can schedule tweets, Instagram posts (Though some plans have limitations) Then don\’t have to worry about the next uploading day. This tool is simply for Time off. -Personally, I like to post content without a scheduler, but when I KNOW I have a busy week ahead, or won\’t have WIFI (Sob, sob) Then this is a lifesaver -Literally! I would highly recommend getting one of these for situations where you need them. Don\’t forget to interact with your fans, too! People with schedulers often forget to do this, and it\’s essential to. Organisation is a key part of it too!

3) \”Tools to do everything you need.\”

Ok, I feel this is going to need explaining… by this, I mean things like (These are ones I use) Apps/tools to edit PDFs, to remove unwanted pictures of you that come up online, to resize/convert image files. and easy background removal tools. -I have all these starred to my home bar so they\’re easy to find. It\’s so useful to have all these tools at your disposal, what I would do is spend time looking for a way to do whatever you want for very little/Free and find the one that works best and does what you want. These are so useful to improve your quality and speed, which (Like point 2) gives you more free time and also means you can do what you need easily, without expensive software.

4) Verbal Feedback

This is also SO important, what I do is ask my friends what THEY think of my social profiles, and ask them how I can make them better. They\’re so sweet and give me constructed criticism, such as \”Oh, you could condense your highlights\” Which I find so useful! It doesn\’t even have to be verbal, or from your friends, put an Instagram questionnaire on your story and watch the results pour in! 🙂 Verbal feedback is vital for improvement as if you don\’t know what the fans want, how will you ever be better? -Just don\’t do it too often, as we all know how annoying asking the same question OVER and OVER can get 🙂
That\’s it! Hope you enjoy my tips, I know they aren\’t the best, -I\’m still learning myself- But I hope they helped!
Thanks for reading!
Infinite xoxo


 HAPPY NEW YEAR! My amazing readers, I know, I know, 2 weeks late… sorry I just got around to this now! BUT I assure you, I have a good reason:

                I have been working on some things! They\’re not ready to be announced YET,                                but I\’m so excited to finally get to -when the time comes!!- Trust me, it\’ll be worth it!

Anyway, 2021, guys! 2020 is over, and well, I\’m actually kinda sad to see it go… I mean \”2020 was simultaneously the best and worst year of my entire life….\” SOOOO much happened, and I\’m ACTUALLY doing a Podcast soon and YouTube video talking about My 2020, so go check that out when they\’re released! It\’s been such a hectic year!

Secondly, I want to say THANK YOU! -To everyone reading this- For supporting me and my channel the past year, what a year it\’s been SO much went on (I mean, there was a whole global pandemic….) 

And to post my new years\’ resolutions and to look back on my 2020 ones…

SO, this was my resolutions post 2020:

\”Hey guys! Happy new decade, Happy new year, it\’s 2020! I hope this year is filled with fun, surprises and Happiness even more so than 2019! With the new year, it\’s also fun to come up with new year\’s resolutions, so here is mine:

1) To be happy
2) To become famous
3) To keep my true friends
4) Post more on my channel and blog :)\”

 I called it on the \”Surprises\” Didn\’t I? ahahah

Looking back on that, the first thing that comes to my mind is: WOAH, I\’ve grown so much! and the big question on my resolutions: Did I achieve them?

Answer: I think…YES! Yes, I did! I was happy, I did what I loved, I may not be \”famous\” famous but I\’ve definitely grown my fanbase this year. I\’ve kept my true friends, and I would be so lost without them! And I posted so much on my channel -We are so close to 800! Then 1000!! Subscribers 🙂 You guys are literally the. best.

Have a WONDERFUL 2021, everyone, and to close off my new resolutions for 2020:

1) To keep POSITIVE in light of COVID.

2) To be motivated and happy

3) To make the best memories yet.

and, psssst, I\’ll let you in on a little secret: I\’ve already made some amazing 2021 memories already! 

Infinite xoxo

The ups and down of YouTube life (part 1) The DOWNSIDES

 Hey guys! As we move into a SECOND lockdown here in the UK, I just want to let you know to HANG. IN THERE! I promise, it will NOT be as bad as the first, and I know you\’ll all get through it, I love you all thank you so much for being my amazing supportive fans! ❤ 

Ok, back to this blog 🙂 So I wanted to share with you the… not so great, parts about being a YouTuber, as for some reason most people seem to think that being able to film yourself and broadcast it to millions of people out there is a luxury, a perfect alternate reality and that really doesn\’t exist. Sure, having an audience at the drop of a hat is amazing, but it\’s not always like that! There are some wonderful parts to being a YouTuber, of course, but there\’s already enough of that out there, about the fame, glitz and glamour. There isn\’t enough of THIS.

I spend hours on a weekly basis filming and editing videos writing, blogs, filming podcasts and things for TV appearances… or even going live on air once in a while! Just trying to get myself noticed and out-there, basically. I\’m not complaining, I mean this IS my CHOICE, after all. I knew it wouldn\’t be easy, and personally, I\’m fine with that!  My life isn\’t glitz and glamour. Especially at times like these. In a 2 week self-isolation along with my year, during a global pandemic.  Sometimes, it\’s more than easy to give up. Like when the path ahead is hardly visible and you begin to question every decision you\’ve EVER made. 

Hey, just ask the 11-year-old me -At the point in my life where I had to choose between a whole new future or a secure one- I had the opportunity to go to an Amazing school, but only if I got a scholarship. Was it worth it? To pursue my own dreams by going to this school, leaving everyone I knew from primary behind, and work on something I barely just dug through the surface of and put myself in a really good position for my future? Or go to a place where I\’d have friends from day 1, a good enough future and something to fall back on. 

the only downside is I\’d regret it later on, thinking What IF I did that? and never really knowing for sure.

Wow, when you put it like that it seems an almost impossible decision, but I bet you can guess what I chose. 

ANNNYWAY, what I\’m saying is Being a youtube is about determination, sacrifices and tough decisions. 

But, sorry I do seem to be dragging on a bit this post, aren\’t I?

So I\’ll do it in 2 separate parts! Save you from getting through the rest. So what can I say? Stay tuned for part 2, hopefully, a way more positive blog! 🙂

Infinite xoxo

Optimistic mode :) -Daily Goals-

 Hey, everyone! 

Today, I wanted to do a blog as something happened I want to share with you, (nothing bad, I promise!) Speaking to someone very inspirational at lunch, I realised something that, for some reason, made my day that little bit better. 

It was a little weird, actually, how it happened, but I\’m glad it did. I don\’t know how long I\’ll be in this mood but I wanted to write this whilst I was feeling very optimistic. (Even if It does come at the expense of my Spanish lesson.) So, long story short…

A close friend of mine and I needed something to talk about, I suggested it partly because I wanted our friendship to be back in sync and on it\’s old, easier ground, and also because I felt like talking about one person way too much was a little old (-and a bit stalkerish, right?) I had also stated how slightly boring and uneventful my life currently is during lunch hour, and that\’s when It clicked.

Chilling out outside, we started making a list of how to make our lives more interesting, to be honest, we didn\’t get very far and our ideas were vague, like \”Talk to nice people\” vague. But it started something. Throughout lunch, we started talking about goals, because in my mind, someone \”interesting\” has the following things:

1) Passions and skills

2) A Social Life

3) GOALS. 

So we started making our own goals, and at first, they were pretty far-out, like \”Be prettier\” -and let\’s face it, who IS pretty these days? There are definitely people who come close, but is someone the definition of pretty? Hm… But I got to the idea of maybe trying to work on those quirks to become a \”better\” person. -I decided on a simple, easy-to-do in one day goal.

Say Hi to someone who i wouldn\’t normally talk too-

So, after lunch, on my way to Spanish (that I\’m now In) I said a quick Hi to people who I haven\’t spoken to in AGES, and i found it wasn\’t that awkward or hard for me, and I actually got a \”Hi\” in response. This simple acknowledgement, that simple fact i\’d reached my daily goal, was seriously a good feeling, and I feel that one step closer to being someone better, and someone i want to be, quirks and all. 

What about you? -Try setting yourself a simple daily goal, something you can achieve throughout the day, it doesn\’t have to be MAJOR, it can be like mine, a simple \”Hello\”. 

It makes all the difference!

See you soon, I\’m off to make a goal for tomorrow, AND i better get back to my Spanish lesson, I need to translate \”People decorate their houses with ghosts and witches\” -Yes, we\’re doing halloween!

See you soon 🙂 

infinite xoxo