Clean up after yourself! *Social Media Tips!*

Hey guys! Sorry, it\’s been too long… but today, I\’m here with advice on how to make your profile look that tiny bit better.  It\’s simple, yet so effective. 

I call it… cleaning up after yourself! -Ok, it sounds like something more real-life based, BUT, the point I\’m trying to express is: If a video, post, comment or ANYTHING in your digital footprint ISN\’T representing YOU, right now, then consider deleting it! Things like Closing accounts that you don\’t use, and deleting all posts that are old and irrelevant. It may not seem like a significant thing, but it helps your profile look fresh and up-to-date, plus, it\’s less likely for people to stumble upon your old maybe less flattering posts, if, when they google you, it\’s flooded with new, positive results.

It\’s super easy to do this, open up your youtube, Instagram, even Twitter feed, and simply read, watch or looks at what\’s there. Then decide if it still represents you. Though it may feel a bit tedious, it really is worth it in end

Here are some tips on what to delete:

-Posts that just aren\’t You. Nothing really to say about this one, clues in the name. 

-Things that you can\’t finish watching yourself. -This is a great tip, if you want to click off the video before it\’s finished, it\’s best to think why, and private or delete it

-Things that WERE a joke, but now just look bad. -This is A MUST for Twitter, those tweets from 5 years ago you thought were funny? Maybe it\’s best to delete them now…

-Old accounts you had when you were younger. We\’ve all had accounts we post embarrassing things on, if you can find them, it\’s best to delete them. 

I do this regularly, with all social media, and I found It does help! You don\’t have to do it as a daily thing I myself only do it once or twice a month, but if you have time -Definitely something to consider!

Hope you enjoyed my tips! Hopefully, I can write back soon 🙂 See you!

infinite xoxo

Isolation day 8:

Hey hey hey guys! I\’m actually in a good mood today because over-night I\’ve had a bunch of new subscribers and followers! Thank you guys so much!

Despite this, though, it\’s actually strange not being able to go out… Normally on my weekends, I spend them outside, going to the shops, walking, just doing whatever. So it\’s weird NOT doing that. I miss it, so, so much. It\’s my 1st weekend not being able to do that, so I might as well get used to it. BUT STILL. The first thing I\’m going to do when the pandemic is over is spend all day outside.

How easy it is to get bored with the same 4 walls? -The short answer is VERY. It\’s my 8th day in Isolation, and, as much as I\’d LIKE to climb out the window and escape to freedom, it\’s probably not the best thing to do in the current situation. (Please DON\’T attempt to climb out windows, guys.)

But anyway, today, I\’m just going to… I have no idea. I have nothing to do, really. Probably read or play the keyboard. Or make a massive mind-map of things I could do for videos. Something along those lines.

The clocks went forward an hour, which normally I\’d hate (An hour LESS of sleep!!) But now, though, it means 1 less hour of boredom a day, which I\’m ALL for!

Hope you guys are coping well!

Infinite xoxo

Isolation day 6:

Hey guys!! Today\’s looking OK! I mean, I\’ve continued reading some of your comments, and I also

Made a video where I was reacting to them which was pretty fun to do! That always cheers me up, and I\’ve got some more filming and other things to do today, so I should be pretty busy.
So yeah! The plan today is I\’m going to be filming again and making some unicorn-horn macarons, which I will be recording in case any of you guys wanted to try them too 🙂 I hope you guys are also having fun with this home-schooling stuff, because, to be honest, it\’s OK, I have tonnes of time to myself but I also miss the whole school environment, seeing my friends and just hanging out. We always have jokes, even about regular things like scrunchies… yeah, it\’s pretty weird but also hilarious! -I\’ll update you how today goes later on 🙂 Bye for now!! Infinite xoxo

The definition of my name :3

Hey guys! So, I\’ve been doing a little research on my name… and, according to urban dictionary, this is it: (Can I just say it\’s actually really accurate… 0.0) -I\’ve highlighted purple the things I find relatable… as you can see, A LOT of things 🙂

Andrea can be shy and quiet but then she will make you laugh every single second she is very precious and is a very {beautiful} girl She’s the most {humble, loving and, caring person you can ever find you can do her wrong so many times and she will always be there for you helping you out giving you the best she can, even when she’s going through many things herself she will make you the {happiest}, she doesn’t know how beautiful she is, she has the most {gorgeous} {eyes}that you’ll just get lost in they will make you fall Inlove so easily, her smile is the prettiest that it’s so contagious that smile is surely unforgettable. she likes being away from anything that does not include good and has the most amazing personality ever her soul and mind are just full of unsaid thoughts and emotions she\’s very trustworthy and loyal .she’s very {different} just unique from any other girl keep in mind she’s someone you won’t want to lose she’s just special. Andrea is a {independent} girl she can’t fall Inlove easily unless you’ve really got her heart but with or without you she will be {successful} in everything that she has {passion,} for .she is a hard worker and can do it with or without anyone. She has an amazing body as well she’s just {stunning} inside and out everything about her will make you go crazy. Her {imperfections} make her {perfect} . She’s a {little nerd} she has everything planned out before time, but sometimes she can’t choose she’s very {picky} at times.

So yeah, I just felt like doing a blog and sharing this with you 🙂 -What do your names mean? Love to hear from you in the comments below!

2020\’s Infinite Exclusives

Heya guys, whoa it\’s been a while! If you haven\’t noticed I haven\’t posted a new entry here in a while. So I guess I owe you guys an explanation…I\’ve been super busy lately, -getting all my homework done extra early, working on videos, coming up with fresh new content ideas, getting my new social media hub up and running! Boy, it\’s been a hectic month!! But don\’t worry, I haven\’t forgotten about you guys 🙂 This entry is going to be a bit on the short side, but never fear, next month is going to be JAM PACKED with new content, and I\’m BURSTING to give you the low-down, and now I can!! Welcome to infinite\’s exclusives :3

Some cool YOUTUBE videos to look forward too:
1)I\’m going to be going to see Max and Harvey\’s Tour!! -VIP package! Expect footage from the soundcheck, meet and greets, the event AND Jenna Raine will be there 🙂 This is definitely a video you don\’t want to miss!
2) I\’m doing a room tour! -I\’ve wanted to do this video for soo long! You guys, for the first time EVER, will get a full tour of my room 🙂 I can\’t wait to get filming!
3) My first videos being reacted too! This is also a SUPER fun video coming your way. The cringe, the Collabs -I\’m watching some of the very first videos that I posted online

and obviously, the blog…

Expect more social media hacks, news, tips -AND the new update landing very soon 🙂
oh and of course, more infinite exclusives :3

\’Till next time! 🙂 infinite xoxo

Some new changes :D

Heyyyo Today, i want to outline some new changes made to this blog -That i\’m really excited about 😀

1) The ability to \”react\” to my post -You can use \’LOL\’ \’so true\’ and \’amazing\’ this feature is available on all posts 😀

2) More blogs are shown on my blog-page, So instead of looking through the archive you can just scroll

3) \”Best of the blog\” feature -The Top 3 most viewed posts on my page 🙂

4) You can now get email notifications from my blog, letting you know when I\’ve published a new post, so you never miss out on anything 🙂

5) You can subscribe to my blog with popular feed readers!

So yeah, that\’s all the shiny new features to this blog, there\’s of course more coming soon, and of course i\’ll be picking up my keyboard and keeping you posted!

Thank you for 100 views (we\’re SO close to 200!!)

infinite xoxo