Getting my friend into HARRY POTTER ~Post 2

Hello, My fellow Hogwarts students! Welcome to post 2 🙂 -Thanks so much for all your support on post 1! 

Sooo as the Title Suggests -I decided to introduce my friend, Hello, Lukey loops if you\’re reading this, into the wizarding world. 😅 If you haven\’t, check out post 1 for the start of the story! Otherwise, it\’ll be a BIT confusing! Anyway, for those who already have read that post, welcome to part 2!

So, first off, I remembered I didn\’t ever tell you the \”surprises\” I put in the parcel, as he hadn\’t got it when I made post 1, I couldn\’t. (I know he reads this blog) BUT He got the parcel last Saturday! First-class mail magic!

 So, basically, I hand drew the Hogwarts crest (Which he annoyingly ruined but oh well, It looked cool for a while!) And I made a very cool acceptance letter with Exactly The same words on A certain Mr H potter\’s letter. Plus a train ticket to Platform 9 and 3/4 🙂 -Though I FORGOT to put a border on it, but I\’ll skip over the details.

And of course, a copy of the philosophers stone! I really wanted to get a Gryffindor limited edition one, (As I said in post 1 he\’s a Gryffindor!) But never mind! 

Now for the main part your all PROBABLY all waiting for, \”What was his reaction to Harry Potter?!\” 

Well, as you can see, he only read the first few pages *The parts with The Dursleys* But here is his reaction so far-  👇

All I can say is we have a new Potterhead, people! AND he hasn\’t even got to the good parts yet! Haha. 

Anyway, I guess that\’s all for this 2nd post on the \”Getting my friend into Harry Potter\” Series until he does a bit more reading! -I will give you all a much-wanted update soon!

Bye for now, Witches, wizards and muggles alike!

Infinite xoxo

Getting my friend into HARRY POTTER! Post 1 :)

 Hey guys! Sooo as the Title Suggests -I decided to introduce my friend, Hello, Lukey loops if you\’re reading this, into the wizarding world. 😅

I found out he had NEVER read a harry potter book (EVER) -Which is a grave sin in my view. But he\’s my friend, so I decided to help him out a little in that department.  (No ministry of Magic jokes here, I know what a wasted opportunity.) 

So, I just happened to have a spare copy of the first book and me being the person I am decided to mail it. (Guys, it took me 15 mins of scrolling through 2 MONTHS of conversation to find out where he lives. Is that dedication or just pure stalking…?) Anyway, In case he reads this I did add a few surprises which I will add after he gets the package in the mail (Let\’s just say it took a while to get together AND a lot of my mum\’s eyeshadow palette…) 

Confusion aside, I decided it would be funny/somewhat entertaining to document his reaction to the first book, because… content. And Besides, Harry Potter is AMAZING! -I know he\’s not going to fall head over heels obsessed with it, but I\’m sure he\’ll enjoy it. Just wait till he gets to the fanfictions haha!

Anyway, Just for your information, he\’s a Gryffindor. Oh, in case your wondering, I\’m a GryffinCLAW (Pottermore says I\’m a Ravenclaw, but You know. I feel like i\’d do well in both)

(Oh and Lukeys\’ a BIG Gryffindorc. Joking, I want to stay alive, so…) 

Let me know what your first reactions to Harry potter was! Mine was probably like… HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS EXISTSED. or something along those lines.

And comment below if you want a second post on this.

See you soon, Witches, Wizards and Muggles Alike!

Infinite xoxo

Surviving ONLINE school!


Sorry I haven\’t posted in a while! I hope your all staying safe, as always! 🙂 Today\’s blog is about how to survive virtual school. So a lot of us right now are having online lessons due to isolation and social distancing, which can be a good and bad thing, though we\’re still being productive, learning and getting work done, I can\’t be the only child who gets easily bored and distracted sitting at a computer or phone screen 5 hours a day, 5 days a week. So, I\’m here with some advice on how to get through your lessons! (Also, actually taking part in your lesson is a good way to keep focused!)

1) Stay focused as long as humanly possible. Ok, although the average attention span in 7 seconds, (and I WISH our lessons were that short sometimes -imagine!) It is VERY tempting to open a new tab and listen to your favourite music, scroll through Instagram… But do your best, -just getting through a lesson NOT opening Instagram for the whole time is an achievement!

2) Use your breaks for… actual breaks! When you get time off, turn off your screens and just take it easy for a bit. Personally, I grab a snack from the fridge, put my phone on charge and head upstairs to relax, I re-do my hair, a little bit of exercise, and read a book or practise my keyboard/guitar. Since your online a LOT, it\’s best to have an actual break and not do something \”Virtually\” So find your own way to unwind for a bit! -Breaks ARE there for a reason! Once your back to lessons, you should feel just a LITTLE bit more energized. At least until you find it\’s your least favourite lesson next. *Groan* 

3) Get some SLEEP! Ah, my favourite word. If you, like me, need to be up by 8:40 for your first lesson, then sleep is JUST what the doctor ordered. You don\’t want to go through your day grumpy, annoyed and sleep-deprived. Trust me! (It makes point 1 almost impossible!!) I know most people stay up till 1AM, (At least!) I highly recommend getting a decent nights sleep before online school 

4) If you don\’t want to talk, listen! -You don\’t HAVE to answer every question right off the bat, but remember that online school is JUST as important as offline school, so even if you don\’t want to talk, at least do tip number one? -Just remember that you don\’t have to speak if you don\’t want to, -there IS a chat function too 🙂 so do whatever you feel means that you are involved in the lesson, even if that is just typing a single response every now and then, or even braving unmuting for a second.

And that\’s all for now! I hope they were helpful-ish! Stay safe, everyone! x -I\’d love to hear your experiences in the comments below 🙂 Online school is rough, repetitive but it can also be helpful and a teeny bit fun! Do you have any tips? Let me know! 

Bye for now,

infinite xoxo

2020\’s Infinite Exclusives

Heya guys, whoa it\’s been a while! If you haven\’t noticed I haven\’t posted a new entry here in a while. So I guess I owe you guys an explanation…I\’ve been super busy lately, -getting all my homework done extra early, working on videos, coming up with fresh new content ideas, getting my new social media hub up and running! Boy, it\’s been a hectic month!! But don\’t worry, I haven\’t forgotten about you guys 🙂 This entry is going to be a bit on the short side, but never fear, next month is going to be JAM PACKED with new content, and I\’m BURSTING to give you the low-down, and now I can!! Welcome to infinite\’s exclusives :3

Some cool YOUTUBE videos to look forward too:
1)I\’m going to be going to see Max and Harvey\’s Tour!! -VIP package! Expect footage from the soundcheck, meet and greets, the event AND Jenna Raine will be there 🙂 This is definitely a video you don\’t want to miss!
2) I\’m doing a room tour! -I\’ve wanted to do this video for soo long! You guys, for the first time EVER, will get a full tour of my room 🙂 I can\’t wait to get filming!
3) My first videos being reacted too! This is also a SUPER fun video coming your way. The cringe, the Collabs -I\’m watching some of the very first videos that I posted online

and obviously, the blog…

Expect more social media hacks, news, tips -AND the new update landing very soon 🙂
oh and of course, more infinite exclusives :3

\’Till next time! 🙂 infinite xoxo

Dealing with Drama (on AND offline)

Hey, guys today I want to talk about the drama you know what I mean. The kind that happens pretty much every day.

I thought I\’d give you some tips on how to deal with it yourself and please remember not to get too carried away it\’s very easy to make things worse
So number one: realise the cause of the drama and try to fix it. this can sometimes be extremely hard especially if it\’s been going on for ages but try to think about it before you end up doing something you might regret. if you can\’t remember then it\’s probably not worth fighting over anymore. 
Don\’t take it out on someone else. if you are going through a really annoying and trashy day then it\’s really easy to take your anger out on someone else that doesn\’t deserve it. It can also be super upsetting and you just feel worse about everything. so instead surround yourself by your friends and people that make you feel good about yourself and if the person who is causing all the drama happens to turn up try to avoid them as much as possible. 
Don\’t get carried away it\’s extremely easy to lose your temper over text because you can\’t see the person\’s reaction so before sending or saying anything I know people say this a lot but try putting yourself in the other person\’s shoes for a few seconds then say what you want to say and if it isn\’t going to make things better it\’s best not to say anything at all.
And if you are being bullied don\’t react who am I kidding it is super hard not to give a reaction but I guess sometimes it is the best option so to all of those who are dealing with drama both online and off don\’t forget that there are people who will help and your friends are always there to help 
That\’s all for now! If YOU have any tips I\’d love to hear them! Comment below 🙂
Infinite xoxo

It\’s Christmas! :)

Hello guys! Happy Christmas eve, my awesome readers! What are you hoping for this Christmas?! so far, I\’ve got a keyboard, some clothes, books, a cheese board  (yes, I do love cheese) a DVD and some surprise gifts 🙂

Sorry, this blog is the shortest one ever, but I hope you have a super fun Christmas, with super fun people!

infinite xoxo