Surviving ONLINE school!


Sorry I haven\’t posted in a while! I hope your all staying safe, as always! 🙂 Today\’s blog is about how to survive virtual school. So a lot of us right now are having online lessons due to isolation and social distancing, which can be a good and bad thing, though we\’re still being productive, learning and getting work done, I can\’t be the only child who gets easily bored and distracted sitting at a computer or phone screen 5 hours a day, 5 days a week. So, I\’m here with some advice on how to get through your lessons! (Also, actually taking part in your lesson is a good way to keep focused!)

1) Stay focused as long as humanly possible. Ok, although the average attention span in 7 seconds, (and I WISH our lessons were that short sometimes -imagine!) It is VERY tempting to open a new tab and listen to your favourite music, scroll through Instagram… But do your best, -just getting through a lesson NOT opening Instagram for the whole time is an achievement!

2) Use your breaks for… actual breaks! When you get time off, turn off your screens and just take it easy for a bit. Personally, I grab a snack from the fridge, put my phone on charge and head upstairs to relax, I re-do my hair, a little bit of exercise, and read a book or practise my keyboard/guitar. Since your online a LOT, it\’s best to have an actual break and not do something \”Virtually\” So find your own way to unwind for a bit! -Breaks ARE there for a reason! Once your back to lessons, you should feel just a LITTLE bit more energized. At least until you find it\’s your least favourite lesson next. *Groan* 

3) Get some SLEEP! Ah, my favourite word. If you, like me, need to be up by 8:40 for your first lesson, then sleep is JUST what the doctor ordered. You don\’t want to go through your day grumpy, annoyed and sleep-deprived. Trust me! (It makes point 1 almost impossible!!) I know most people stay up till 1AM, (At least!) I highly recommend getting a decent nights sleep before online school 

4) If you don\’t want to talk, listen! -You don\’t HAVE to answer every question right off the bat, but remember that online school is JUST as important as offline school, so even if you don\’t want to talk, at least do tip number one? -Just remember that you don\’t have to speak if you don\’t want to, -there IS a chat function too 🙂 so do whatever you feel means that you are involved in the lesson, even if that is just typing a single response every now and then, or even braving unmuting for a second.

And that\’s all for now! I hope they were helpful-ish! Stay safe, everyone! x -I\’d love to hear your experiences in the comments below 🙂 Online school is rough, repetitive but it can also be helpful and a teeny bit fun! Do you have any tips? Let me know! 

Bye for now,

infinite xoxo

Isolation day 8:

Hey hey hey guys! I\’m actually in a good mood today because over-night I\’ve had a bunch of new subscribers and followers! Thank you guys so much!

Despite this, though, it\’s actually strange not being able to go out… Normally on my weekends, I spend them outside, going to the shops, walking, just doing whatever. So it\’s weird NOT doing that. I miss it, so, so much. It\’s my 1st weekend not being able to do that, so I might as well get used to it. BUT STILL. The first thing I\’m going to do when the pandemic is over is spend all day outside.

How easy it is to get bored with the same 4 walls? -The short answer is VERY. It\’s my 8th day in Isolation, and, as much as I\’d LIKE to climb out the window and escape to freedom, it\’s probably not the best thing to do in the current situation. (Please DON\’T attempt to climb out windows, guys.)

But anyway, today, I\’m just going to… I have no idea. I have nothing to do, really. Probably read or play the keyboard. Or make a massive mind-map of things I could do for videos. Something along those lines.

The clocks went forward an hour, which normally I\’d hate (An hour LESS of sleep!!) But now, though, it means 1 less hour of boredom a day, which I\’m ALL for!

Hope you guys are coping well!

Infinite xoxo

Isolation day 6:

Hey guys!! Today\’s looking OK! I mean, I\’ve continued reading some of your comments, and I also

Made a video where I was reacting to them which was pretty fun to do! That always cheers me up, and I\’ve got some more filming and other things to do today, so I should be pretty busy.
So yeah! The plan today is I\’m going to be filming again and making some unicorn-horn macarons, which I will be recording in case any of you guys wanted to try them too 🙂 I hope you guys are also having fun with this home-schooling stuff, because, to be honest, it\’s OK, I have tonnes of time to myself but I also miss the whole school environment, seeing my friends and just hanging out. We always have jokes, even about regular things like scrunchies… yeah, it\’s pretty weird but also hilarious! -I\’ll update you how today goes later on 🙂 Bye for now!! Infinite xoxo

Isolation: Day 2

Afternoon, My lovely readers!

Today was, in one word: Meh. I guess it could have been a LOT worse, so today was regular, more keyboard practice, hanging off the stair bannisters for as long as possible (30 seconds) reading, watching some TV. Yup, pretty much identical as yesterday.

However, we also made masks -surgical style masks, not the paper mache kind- because why not? It was fun except I pricked myself with a needle a dozen times (Hey, I could have been sleeping beauty and slept through this pandemic..?!) Anyway, as you can tell, I\’m DESPERATE for things to do. Even sewing and I\’m terrible at it…

I\’m actually EXCITED about the online homework I\’ll be getting tomorrow. Yes, I repeat, EXCITED! But anyway, I hope your days have been more productive than mine!

infinite xoxo

Isolation: day 1

Hey guys! so, it\’s day one of self-isolation and, I hate to admit this, but I\’m ALREADY running of things to do. I spent all day (yesterday) playing keyboard, guitar, watching TV reading books, -even the ones I\’ve read already- and just moping around the house. I\’m glad my mum is limiting my screen-time (Words you will probably never hear again) because otherwise, I\’d be a zombie! It\’s not that phones are addictive, it\’s just that I\’ve got nothing better to do at the moment. Which is really sad. Normally, I\’d be at school, outside, and not have loads of time to film stuff. But now… (some more words you\’ll never hear again) I want to actually DO homework. Because I have absolutely nothing to do right now.

Can I just put it out there that those of you who have siblings and/or a garden are probably better off than me? I have a balcony that is to crowded with plants to physically move on, and I\’m an only child. So it\’s pretty lonely sometimes. Yay me!! But anyway, tomorrow, I\’m expecting a ton of schoolwork, which should keep me pretty busy… Except for the fact I\’ll probably complete it all in 3 days then I\’ll be bored the other 4. If that does happen, I\’ll be like \”TOTALLY CALLED IT!\” *apologies for my sarcastic sense of humour*

Yesterday, I completed a History assignment (to take up 3 50 minuet lessons = 2 hours and a half) which I got set on Friday (our last official day of school) which goes to show that it really doesn\’t take a lot of time, I THINK I did it to the \”High standards\” expected of top set. (Anyone else have that?)

But anyway, I hope today goes better. There might be some good films to watch or something… I don\’t know, but hey. I\’m glad you guys (if anyone has been!) are reading, it makes me feel less alone!

I\’l  Check back soon (Like, WAAAAY sooner than you think)

infinite xoxo

Life stuck inside :/

Hey guys,

So, unless you\’ve been living under a rock, we\’re living through a pandemic. And so we\’ve all been told to stay inside, and most places are shut across the globe… basically, it\’s a mess. So I\’m just trying my best to cope indoors. Doing my work from home, dreaming of summer… I don\’t know how long I can last, because a couple days and I\’ll start to go stir crazy. At least I have some people out there interested in what I say. So that\’s why this blog is going to be filled with almost-daily entries of my *super fun* life stuck behind doors.

It sounds like I\’m in Quarantine, but I\’m not. I can go outside, but only if necessary. So far, I think I\’m Only JUST managing to stay positive. I mean, there\’s a deadly virus about, I\’m separated from my friends, and I\’m going to get bored so, sooo quickly!

I hope you guys are coping better! If any of you have been reading, I\’d love to hear about it below…

Until then, Infinite xoxo