HAPPY NEW YEAR! My amazing readers, I know, I know, 2 weeks late… sorry I just got around to this now! BUT I assure you, I have a good reason:

                I have been working on some things! They\’re not ready to be announced YET,                                but I\’m so excited to finally get to -when the time comes!!- Trust me, it\’ll be worth it!

Anyway, 2021, guys! 2020 is over, and well, I\’m actually kinda sad to see it go… I mean \”2020 was simultaneously the best and worst year of my entire life….\” SOOOO much happened, and I\’m ACTUALLY doing a Podcast soon and YouTube video talking about My 2020, so go check that out when they\’re released! It\’s been such a hectic year!

Secondly, I want to say THANK YOU! -To everyone reading this- For supporting me and my channel the past year, what a year it\’s been SO much went on (I mean, there was a whole global pandemic….) 

And to post my new years\’ resolutions and to look back on my 2020 ones…

SO, this was my resolutions post 2020:

\”Hey guys! Happy new decade, Happy new year, it\’s 2020! I hope this year is filled with fun, surprises and Happiness even more so than 2019! With the new year, it\’s also fun to come up with new year\’s resolutions, so here is mine:

1) To be happy
2) To become famous
3) To keep my true friends
4) Post more on my channel and blog :)\”

 I called it on the \”Surprises\” Didn\’t I? ahahah

Looking back on that, the first thing that comes to my mind is: WOAH, I\’ve grown so much! and the big question on my resolutions: Did I achieve them?

Answer: I think…YES! Yes, I did! I was happy, I did what I loved, I may not be \”famous\” famous but I\’ve definitely grown my fanbase this year. I\’ve kept my true friends, and I would be so lost without them! And I posted so much on my channel -We are so close to 800! Then 1000!! Subscribers 🙂 You guys are literally the. best.

Have a WONDERFUL 2021, everyone, and to close off my new resolutions for 2020:

1) To keep POSITIVE in light of COVID.

2) To be motivated and happy

3) To make the best memories yet.

and, psssst, I\’ll let you in on a little secret: I\’ve already made some amazing 2021 memories already! 

Infinite xoxo

Isolation: Day 2

Afternoon, My lovely readers!

Today was, in one word: Meh. I guess it could have been a LOT worse, so today was regular, more keyboard practice, hanging off the stair bannisters for as long as possible (30 seconds) reading, watching some TV. Yup, pretty much identical as yesterday.

However, we also made masks -surgical style masks, not the paper mache kind- because why not? It was fun except I pricked myself with a needle a dozen times (Hey, I could have been sleeping beauty and slept through this pandemic..?!) Anyway, as you can tell, I\’m DESPERATE for things to do. Even sewing and I\’m terrible at it…

I\’m actually EXCITED about the online homework I\’ll be getting tomorrow. Yes, I repeat, EXCITED! But anyway, I hope your days have been more productive than mine!

infinite xoxo

Life stuck inside :/

Hey guys,

So, unless you\’ve been living under a rock, we\’re living through a pandemic. And so we\’ve all been told to stay inside, and most places are shut across the globe… basically, it\’s a mess. So I\’m just trying my best to cope indoors. Doing my work from home, dreaming of summer… I don\’t know how long I can last, because a couple days and I\’ll start to go stir crazy. At least I have some people out there interested in what I say. So that\’s why this blog is going to be filled with almost-daily entries of my *super fun* life stuck behind doors.

It sounds like I\’m in Quarantine, but I\’m not. I can go outside, but only if necessary. So far, I think I\’m Only JUST managing to stay positive. I mean, there\’s a deadly virus about, I\’m separated from my friends, and I\’m going to get bored so, sooo quickly!

I hope you guys are coping better! If any of you have been reading, I\’d love to hear about it below…

Until then, Infinite xoxo