Optimistic mode :) -Daily Goals-

 Hey, everyone! 

Today, I wanted to do a blog as something happened I want to share with you, (nothing bad, I promise!) Speaking to someone very inspirational at lunch, I realised something that, for some reason, made my day that little bit better. 

It was a little weird, actually, how it happened, but I\’m glad it did. I don\’t know how long I\’ll be in this mood but I wanted to write this whilst I was feeling very optimistic. (Even if It does come at the expense of my Spanish lesson.) So, long story short…

A close friend of mine and I needed something to talk about, I suggested it partly because I wanted our friendship to be back in sync and on it\’s old, easier ground, and also because I felt like talking about one person way too much was a little old (-and a bit stalkerish, right?) I had also stated how slightly boring and uneventful my life currently is during lunch hour, and that\’s when It clicked.

Chilling out outside, we started making a list of how to make our lives more interesting, to be honest, we didn\’t get very far and our ideas were vague, like \”Talk to nice people\” vague. But it started something. Throughout lunch, we started talking about goals, because in my mind, someone \”interesting\” has the following things:

1) Passions and skills

2) A Social Life

3) GOALS. 

So we started making our own goals, and at first, they were pretty far-out, like \”Be prettier\” -and let\’s face it, who IS pretty these days? There are definitely people who come close, but is someone the definition of pretty? Hm… But I got to the idea of maybe trying to work on those quirks to become a \”better\” person. -I decided on a simple, easy-to-do in one day goal.

Say Hi to someone who i wouldn\’t normally talk too-

So, after lunch, on my way to Spanish (that I\’m now In) I said a quick Hi to people who I haven\’t spoken to in AGES, and i found it wasn\’t that awkward or hard for me, and I actually got a \”Hi\” in response. This simple acknowledgement, that simple fact i\’d reached my daily goal, was seriously a good feeling, and I feel that one step closer to being someone better, and someone i want to be, quirks and all. 

What about you? -Try setting yourself a simple daily goal, something you can achieve throughout the day, it doesn\’t have to be MAJOR, it can be like mine, a simple \”Hello\”. 

It makes all the difference!

See you soon, I\’m off to make a goal for tomorrow, AND i better get back to my Spanish lesson, I need to translate \”People decorate their houses with ghosts and witches\” -Yes, we\’re doing halloween!

See you soon 🙂 

infinite xoxo

Perfection, and when things just aren\’t.

There are moments in everyone\’s life when everything is good. Going smoothly, too smoothly, in fact, Basically, just Really well. everyone has those moments, the ones, frankly, which are too good to last.

But what happens when you go through a rough patch?  

Where things are starting to head downhill, slowly but surely. and All you can do is watch it. Looking back at what was and what it IS. I mean, that\’s off-putting to anyone. The Memories of the little specks of glory, and then turning to face the fading sparks that you feel.

Someone once said: Perfection is this line, this straight line, Our lives constantly go up and down, occasionally hitting this one line, those tiny moments of glory. But we can\’t ever stay there, because before you know it, life moves again.

Pretty deep, huh? But I feel like it\’s true. People say \”Nothing is perfect\”  but I disagree. Perfection is as unique as a fingerprint, if you\’re a gymnast, perfection is preforming and getting a gold medal at the Olympics, if your a YouTuber, like me, it\’s having your content watched and acknowledged by millions. If you a writer, perfection is holding the very first copy of your book in your hands…

Before I go rambling, the last thing I want to say is this.

When things aren\’t perfect, like, you\’ve had a injury, your views aren\’t what they once were, you have writer\’s block.

Look back 

Look back at those moments when your life did hit the line, maybe landing a sweet double twist, or knowing that the views are skyrocketing, having written the one gripping passage that you love.

And then look ahead 

I don\’t mean at the fading specks. when your life and \”the line\” are parallel, I mean after that time, when the line moves. Because it will (Believe me, if it didn\’t, life would constantly be boring, sure it\’d be \”perfect\” But in a way, it would just be the new normal)

So, do all you can to change the line, and stay strong, because if you truly love something, the downs are balanced out by the ups. Or even exceeded. So, stick with it, and keep going. Even if you are forced to watch those sparks fade.

Because sparks never die 😉

infinite xoxo

Isolation day 8:

Hey hey hey guys! I\’m actually in a good mood today because over-night I\’ve had a bunch of new subscribers and followers! Thank you guys so much!

Despite this, though, it\’s actually strange not being able to go out… Normally on my weekends, I spend them outside, going to the shops, walking, just doing whatever. So it\’s weird NOT doing that. I miss it, so, so much. It\’s my 1st weekend not being able to do that, so I might as well get used to it. BUT STILL. The first thing I\’m going to do when the pandemic is over is spend all day outside.

How easy it is to get bored with the same 4 walls? -The short answer is VERY. It\’s my 8th day in Isolation, and, as much as I\’d LIKE to climb out the window and escape to freedom, it\’s probably not the best thing to do in the current situation. (Please DON\’T attempt to climb out windows, guys.)

But anyway, today, I\’m just going to… I have no idea. I have nothing to do, really. Probably read or play the keyboard. Or make a massive mind-map of things I could do for videos. Something along those lines.

The clocks went forward an hour, which normally I\’d hate (An hour LESS of sleep!!) But now, though, it means 1 less hour of boredom a day, which I\’m ALL for!

Hope you guys are coping well!

Infinite xoxo

Isolation day 6:

Hey guys!! Today\’s looking OK! I mean, I\’ve continued reading some of your comments, and I also

Made a video where I was reacting to them which was pretty fun to do! That always cheers me up, and I\’ve got some more filming and other things to do today, so I should be pretty busy.
So yeah! The plan today is I\’m going to be filming again and making some unicorn-horn macarons, which I will be recording in case any of you guys wanted to try them too 🙂 I hope you guys are also having fun with this home-schooling stuff, because, to be honest, it\’s OK, I have tonnes of time to myself but I also miss the whole school environment, seeing my friends and just hanging out. We always have jokes, even about regular things like scrunchies… yeah, it\’s pretty weird but also hilarious! -I\’ll update you how today goes later on 🙂 Bye for now!! Infinite xoxo

Keeping your Motivation.

Heya guys! Thank you all my lovely readers for your continuous support in reading my blog, watching my channel and everything else you\’ve done for me 🙂 You guys are the greatest!

So today, I wanted to talk about Motivation, and believe me, it is not a skill your born with, because I mean, I\’ve been a YouTuber/blogger for 2 years and I still need these tips to help motivate me. They actually DO help! So, from someone who needs something really interesting to happen to actually focus, these are my tips so you stay on track and stay motivated:

1) See the results. As I\’ve said, I started a blog before, and I quit because nobody actually read it. The reason I keep this one up is that I\’ve seen people read it from LOADS of places around the world, which is super cool because people actually read it, and it\’s not just me spamming. I don\’t know why, or the psychological stuff behind it. But it\’s definitely a top tip in the motivation department.

2) Do something ELSE. Working on one little thing over time can get more than a bit boring. I mean, who else clicks on another website when supposed to be doing something else? I can\’t deny that I\’ve done those things… So take breaks and do something else. When I met KONNIE HUQ, yes, the BP presenter! She told us this- when she was writing her book, she said she wrote 500 words then went off and did something else entirely. That\’s actually a SUPER bit of advice. If you didn\’t believe me, then that probably reassures you! haha!

3) Why? It\’s a simple thing, why on earth are you doing this? For me, I do YouTube for so many different reasons i\’d need a Book SERIES to write them in, but yeah, basically, Keep reminding yourself why you do something, Like for the community, for that dream of becoming famous (2 of the reasons I do YouTube) It\’s so simple but it drives you to finish what you started, and you will!!

Whatever your doing, keep motivated, there IS life after this you know!

infinite xoxo

Dealing with Drama (on AND offline)

Hey, guys today I want to talk about the drama you know what I mean. The kind that happens pretty much every day.

I thought I\’d give you some tips on how to deal with it yourself and please remember not to get too carried away it\’s very easy to make things worse
So number one: realise the cause of the drama and try to fix it. this can sometimes be extremely hard especially if it\’s been going on for ages but try to think about it before you end up doing something you might regret. if you can\’t remember then it\’s probably not worth fighting over anymore. 
Don\’t take it out on someone else. if you are going through a really annoying and trashy day then it\’s really easy to take your anger out on someone else that doesn\’t deserve it. It can also be super upsetting and you just feel worse about everything. so instead surround yourself by your friends and people that make you feel good about yourself and if the person who is causing all the drama happens to turn up try to avoid them as much as possible. 
Don\’t get carried away it\’s extremely easy to lose your temper over text because you can\’t see the person\’s reaction so before sending or saying anything I know people say this a lot but try putting yourself in the other person\’s shoes for a few seconds then say what you want to say and if it isn\’t going to make things better it\’s best not to say anything at all.
And if you are being bullied don\’t react who am I kidding it is super hard not to give a reaction but I guess sometimes it is the best option so to all of those who are dealing with drama both online and off don\’t forget that there are people who will help and your friends are always there to help 
That\’s all for now! If YOU have any tips I\’d love to hear them! Comment below 🙂
Infinite xoxo

It\’s Christmas! :)

Hello guys! Happy Christmas eve, my awesome readers! What are you hoping for this Christmas?! so far, I\’ve got a keyboard, some clothes, books, a cheese board  (yes, I do love cheese) a DVD and some surprise gifts 🙂

Sorry, this blog is the shortest one ever, but I hope you have a super fun Christmas, with super fun people!

infinite xoxo

Ideas to Inspire

Hey guys! Thank you for your patience, it\’s been ages since my last post. So I\’m back, don\’t worry guys nothing much happened. So today I want to talk to you about coming up with ideas. For anything really, a school project, a song, a YouTube video or Instagram post. So, A lot of you probably want to know how to come up with killer ideas.

Use inspiration! If you\’re inspired with something or someone, then use those ideas! If they do something a certain way, why not try it for yourself? However, keep within the copyright guidelines, and remember that you are also your own person! You\’re you for a reason!

Improve! Use what you have and find ways to make it better! If you want a way to make something easier, come up with a way to do it! For example. instead of having links for people to copy and paste, make them so people can click on them, or instead of having a link to one thing, set up a link to Linktree that has them all! (This may be confusing, but basically, make what there is better!)

Base it on what\’s popular: Ok, so has everyone heard of fidget spinners? OK, so the fidget CUBE is based on that idea, isn\’t it? Because fidget spinners were trending, people came up with something better, and this is what you should do, base it off what\’s trending, for example, if cat videos are popular, come up with a way to get a cat in your next post. etc.

NOTE IT DOWN: First and foremost, write your ideas down because you never know if you\’ll forget a super good idea if you\’re distracted! Keep a notebook with you in case inspiration strikes! I have one by me so if I have an idea during the night, I can write it down -this has happened so much I\’ve learnt to write in the dark! haha 

and that\’s it, I\’m afraid, I hope these are useful because I really want to see what you guys come up with 🙂

infinite xoxo

Someone else\’s success is NOT your failure.

Hey guys, no, there is actually NO intro today…Well, I\’ll just jump in and explain what triggered this post, so in a nutshell

-We had an achievement assembly, which is all fun and games for people. Not really. I still did get an award, but it was still a pain watching everyone else walk up and get awards that I personally should have been included in, I mean, I\’ve worked my socks off! Has NOBODY even noticed?!

OK, first of all, I apologize for being so angry, but I am! I always do my best in lessons, contributing, putting in extra effort, In year 7, I even gave in my homework BEFORE IT WAS SET! (Not a lie!) So, how come I never get awarded for all this? It\’s so frustrating and it feels like I\’ve failed, and that there really is no point in trying because what\’s the point in doing all that if I don\’t get anything in return. Another time, I got a super high grade in my science test for my age, (about a B average in GCSE grades?) which I worked SUPER hard for, and yet the boy behind me gets the same grade who DIDN\’T EVEN REVISE. I mean, come on! What do I have to do to be better than someone for once around here?! (Plus, he got 1% higher than me In last year\’s End of year Exams. I never forgave him for that..)

So, as you can see. It\’s simple to become the green-eyed monster. But after screaming into a bath full of water (It works, you can scream AND nobody hears you!) I finally realized that, Yes, someone did get the same grade as me, Someone got the award I deserved, Yes, someone got 82% and I got 81%, BUT for me, getting that award, that B, that 81% at my age is really good and it\’s nothing that I should get angry about because so what if someone\’s better? Someone\’s always going to be worse than you, as well as better. So instead of caring that someone\’s better, I should be happy about what I achieved because it\’s ME who did it, and at the end of that day, that\’s all that matters. It\’s always good to have a competition to drive you further, but don\’t lose track of your own progress.

So focus on your own lane, and look straight ahead, Don\’t let someone else\’s success hold you back, focus on you, and then you\’ll go places 🙂

Infinite xoxo

P.S I have full intentions to beat that boy in my English this year! ahaha 🙂