Why a Blog?

Hey, again! 

2 blogs in a day, whoop! So, I thought I\’d answer a question early on… why\’d I start a blog, of ALL the things I can do on the internet, (as well as my YouTube) why a blog. 
WELL, my friends, the answer is, There\’s a lot I have to say, and I want to talk to some people, whenever and however I want -don\’t get me wrong, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, my friends, they\’re the best! Kind, supportive, but also people who keep me grounded, However, recently feel like I go on about me a BIT too much, and I can tell how annoying that gets so that\’s why I created a blog, so someone, somewhere could read about what I have to say, instead of plaguing my friends constantly -EVERYONE\’S got that person, right? haha, but yeah, I mean, sure, it\’s a little Beta, but I\’m actually enjoying this, -it\’s weird, I like this kind of stuff, when I was younger I used to write a diary, but recently it got a bit pointless -who wants to write to themselves anyway? So that\’s why I thought I\’d give a blog a go, and seeing where it takes me! And even though only 52 people (probably mostly me) have seen this page, I\’ll keep writing because hey, at least one person has ACTUALLY seen this -Thank you, by the way!
infinite xoxo