HAPPY NEW YEAR! My amazing readers, I know, I know, 2 weeks late… sorry I just got around to this now! BUT I assure you, I have a good reason:

                I have been working on some things! They\’re not ready to be announced YET,                                but I\’m so excited to finally get to -when the time comes!!- Trust me, it\’ll be worth it!

Anyway, 2021, guys! 2020 is over, and well, I\’m actually kinda sad to see it go… I mean \”2020 was simultaneously the best and worst year of my entire life….\” SOOOO much happened, and I\’m ACTUALLY doing a Podcast soon and YouTube video talking about My 2020, so go check that out when they\’re released! It\’s been such a hectic year!

Secondly, I want to say THANK YOU! -To everyone reading this- For supporting me and my channel the past year, what a year it\’s been SO much went on (I mean, there was a whole global pandemic….) 

And to post my new years\’ resolutions and to look back on my 2020 ones…

SO, this was my resolutions post 2020:

\”Hey guys! Happy new decade, Happy new year, it\’s 2020! I hope this year is filled with fun, surprises and Happiness even more so than 2019! With the new year, it\’s also fun to come up with new year\’s resolutions, so here is mine:

1) To be happy
2) To become famous
3) To keep my true friends
4) Post more on my channel and blog :)\”

 I called it on the \”Surprises\” Didn\’t I? ahahah

Looking back on that, the first thing that comes to my mind is: WOAH, I\’ve grown so much! and the big question on my resolutions: Did I achieve them?

Answer: I think…YES! Yes, I did! I was happy, I did what I loved, I may not be \”famous\” famous but I\’ve definitely grown my fanbase this year. I\’ve kept my true friends, and I would be so lost without them! And I posted so much on my channel -We are so close to 800! Then 1000!! Subscribers 🙂 You guys are literally the. best.

Have a WONDERFUL 2021, everyone, and to close off my new resolutions for 2020:

1) To keep POSITIVE in light of COVID.

2) To be motivated and happy

3) To make the best memories yet.

and, psssst, I\’ll let you in on a little secret: I\’ve already made some amazing 2021 memories already! 

Infinite xoxo

Keeping your Motivation.

Heya guys! Thank you all my lovely readers for your continuous support in reading my blog, watching my channel and everything else you\’ve done for me 🙂 You guys are the greatest!

So today, I wanted to talk about Motivation, and believe me, it is not a skill your born with, because I mean, I\’ve been a YouTuber/blogger for 2 years and I still need these tips to help motivate me. They actually DO help! So, from someone who needs something really interesting to happen to actually focus, these are my tips so you stay on track and stay motivated:

1) See the results. As I\’ve said, I started a blog before, and I quit because nobody actually read it. The reason I keep this one up is that I\’ve seen people read it from LOADS of places around the world, which is super cool because people actually read it, and it\’s not just me spamming. I don\’t know why, or the psychological stuff behind it. But it\’s definitely a top tip in the motivation department.

2) Do something ELSE. Working on one little thing over time can get more than a bit boring. I mean, who else clicks on another website when supposed to be doing something else? I can\’t deny that I\’ve done those things… So take breaks and do something else. When I met KONNIE HUQ, yes, the BP presenter! She told us this- when she was writing her book, she said she wrote 500 words then went off and did something else entirely. That\’s actually a SUPER bit of advice. If you didn\’t believe me, then that probably reassures you! haha!

3) Why? It\’s a simple thing, why on earth are you doing this? For me, I do YouTube for so many different reasons i\’d need a Book SERIES to write them in, but yeah, basically, Keep reminding yourself why you do something, Like for the community, for that dream of becoming famous (2 of the reasons I do YouTube) It\’s so simple but it drives you to finish what you started, and you will!!

Whatever your doing, keep motivated, there IS life after this you know!

infinite xoxo

New year\’s resolutions :3

Hey guys! Happy new decade, Happy new year, it\’s 2020! I hope this year is filled with fun, surprises and Happiness even more so than 2019! With the new year, it\’s also fun to come up with new year\’s resolutions, so here is mine:

1) To be happy
2) To become famous
3) To keep my true friends
4) Post more on my channel and blog 🙂

This year, I\’m only sticking to 4 as I think it\’s more practical instead of having loads, and when you haven\’t done them you feel all bad about yourself. So they are the key ones for me 🙂

So I hope 2020 is such a cool year. and I hope that you still continue to check back and read my blog because they\’ll be LOADS more content -I\’ll try to post on a schedule so you guys know when to expect new content.

2019 was amazing, it was the biggest year of infinite-wolf-gamer\’s growth, I reach 250 subscribers, 250 Instagram followers, my channel got 31,000 views and there\’s only one place to go from here: UP!

Wishing you a super cool 2020 with amazing people and memories -infinite xoxo

The Achievements?

Now, I\’m sure a lot of you will know how it feels to be proud, Y\’know, when you get an award or something really cool happens to you.

 I know I was proud when I saw myself on TV for the first time, scored 16/20 for my essay on an English exam, got 100 subscribers and got joint highest in the class on a science exam.

 It feels great! It feels like you\’ve out-done everyone and all your work pays off because of the results that you wanted, however sometimes, people can\’t see how much work you put into things, For my tests, I revised my socks off, I had to wait just over a year to get those 100 subscribers, I had to focus on every detail for the video I sent it to appear on TV, all of these are time-consuming and REALLY off-putting. Motivation is super hard, though this has little relevance, I thought I\’d flex my french skills. En general, j\’aime le sport, parce que c\’est dificil por me motiver. (That\’s a phrase I learnt in french, In general i like sports, but it is difficult to motivate myself. I think it is, anyway)

During the process, it can seem like the reward isn\’t enough, all the effort you put in JUST to get 100 subscribers? And when the reward seems far away, I\’m not the first to say I\’d give up. Because I would. Time is precious and if you really commit to something, Rewards play a HUGE role in your commitment.

I guess this was a pretty weird post, but all I\’m trying to say is: Remember why your doing something, and DON\’T give up so easily 🙂

Wishing you a great new year -Good luck on those resolutions, especially the food ones 😉

Infinite-wolf-gamer xoxo

3 Things to do BEFORE your famous!

Hey guys! It\’s getting closer and closer till Christmas -who already has their tree up? 🙂

Buy anyway, Today, i want to talk about things to definitely do before you reach fame, because then… well, let\’s just say you\’d wish you HAD done these things -so pay close attention! 🙂 (Don\’t worry, there\’s no quiz at the end, but it\’s a good idea to take these on board..!) So, without further ado.. My list of things to do before fame!

1) Figure out your style -One thing to do before you have the masses at your fingertips is figure out the thing or type of video your good at, and people enjoy. For me, it\’s gaming and blogs -So i upload plenty of those videos regularly, if you don\’t know your style yet, try a bunch of different things and see what gets the most positive feedback -You\’ll find something!

2) Delete irrelevant posts, before they can\’t be. I know, your probably saying \”well, there\’s a delete button, so why CAN\’T i delete stuff?!\”or at least thinking it, well lets just say, people can screenshot, record, and remember. So, if YOU\’VE deleted it, means the rest of the internet will, so BEFORE you hit your fame, just do regular checks of old and cringey videos that don\’t really represent the right now version of you

3) Enjoy life as a regular human, yes -weird, but once your famous that kind of it you\’ll be recognized everywhere, and, yes -everyone\’ll admit it can get very annoying so enjoy the normal life whilst you can, but also embrace your new one, I mean, people\’ll KILL to be famous -so make the most of it!

and ladies and gentlemen, is my amazing top 3 of what to do before your famous, so guys -if you are shooting for fame, then I hope you\’ll take these on board, and don\’t forget to leave your comments below! 🙂

infinite xoxo