New year\’s resolutions :3

Hey guys! Happy new decade, Happy new year, it\’s 2020! I hope this year is filled with fun, surprises and Happiness even more so than 2019! With the new year, it\’s also fun to come up with new year\’s resolutions, so here is mine:

1) To be happy
2) To become famous
3) To keep my true friends
4) Post more on my channel and blog ๐Ÿ™‚

This year, I\’m only sticking to 4 as I think it\’s more practical instead of having loads, and when you haven\’t done them you feel all bad about yourself. So they are the key ones for me ๐Ÿ™‚

So I hope 2020 is such a cool year. and I hope that you still continue to check back and read my blog because they\’ll be LOADS more content -I\’ll try to post on a schedule so you guys know when to expect new content.

2019 was amazing, it was the biggest year of infinite-wolf-gamer\’s growth, I reach 250 subscribers, 250 Instagram followers, my channel got 31,000 views and there\’s only one place to go from here: UP!

Wishing you a super cool 2020 with amazing people and memories -infinite xoxo

The Achievements?

Now, I\’m sure a lot of you will know how it feels to be proud, Y\’know, when you get an award or something really cool happens to you.

ย I know I was proud when I saw myself on TV for the first time, scored 16/20 for my essay on an English exam, got 100 subscribers and got joint highest in the class on a science exam.

ย It feels great! It feels like you\’ve out-done everyone and all your work pays off because of the results that you wanted, however sometimes, people can\’t see how much work you put into things, For my tests, I revised my socks off, I had to wait just over a year to get those 100 subscribers, I had to focus on every detail for the video I sent it to appear on TV, all of these are time-consuming and REALLY off-putting. Motivation is super hard, though this has little relevance, I thought I\’d flex my french skills. En general, j\’aime le sport, parce que c\’est dificil por me motiver. (That\’s a phrase I learnt in french, In general i like sports, but it is difficult to motivate myself. I think it is, anyway)

During the process, it can seem like the reward isn\’t enough, all the effort you put in JUST to get 100 subscribers? And when the reward seems far away, I\’m not the first to say I\’d give up. Because I would. Time is precious and if you really commit to something, Rewards play a HUGE role in your commitment.

I guess this was a pretty weird post, but all I\’m trying to say is: Remember why your doing something, and DON\’T give up so easily ๐Ÿ™‚

Wishing you a great new year -Good luck on those resolutions, especially the food ones ๐Ÿ˜‰

Infinite-wolf-gamer xoxo

How to build an online profile

Hello guys! only 24 sleeps till Christmas -Whoop whoop!! Sorry i haven\’t been active, but i will try write more! x

I also just want to say that i\’ll write blogs on online profiles for each individual social media in the future ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyways, ENJOY!

So, today i\’m going to talk about something that I know when I was starting out YouTubeย I would of LOVED to get some tips on, Building an Online profile. It\’s so hard, and no walk in the park.. When you start out, nobody (except a handful of people) know who you are. So most people agree that building an online profile is definitely important, but not only that, it\’s hard to find tips on how to actually do it. So, today i\’m trying to change that:

1) Social media. -Social media is a powerful tool on getting noticed, Instagram, Twitter -you know the drill. Having an account on these is a good way to reach new people and drive traffic towards your main platforms, plus, when people google your name, your social media profiles come up with it. Don\’t forget Fill in relevant details and use the features on offer to you (like Instagram business)

2) Have a searchable name, It\’s hard to be noticed if you use a name like \’Joe Blogs\’ -if you use a unique yet memorable name YOUR profiles, videos and images are MUCH more likely to be top of google\’s search results, instead of someone else\’s.

3) use analytics. It sounds super boring, but you can find some cool info from google analytics. You can tag your YouTube and within in a few days you can find out things like: Where are my audience, what device do they use? and though this isn\’t a MAJOR thing, knowing things like this will help you create better content and improving your online profile. Though it sounds like something geeks like me would do, it\’s not -it\’s presented in a super clear way, so give it a shot.

4) Posts. They are a HUGE part in your online profile -what you post is super important, so think before you post -where else will this image be? if you hit delete, it won\’t be deleted on other platforms so it\’s better just to post relevant things to you, right now. if it isn\’t… hit delete. Sometimes, less it more! (I also did a blog on posts, if you want to check it out :D)

I hope you enjoy my tips, I\’d love to hear yours in the comments below! See you soon ๐Ÿ™‚

infinite xoxo

Secret to Selfies! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

Hey guys! This blog is getting better and better thank you all for checking out my tips and vents about a YouTubers life…!

Today, I\’ll be giving you some tips on how to take a super sweet selfie! If you follow these tips then its really you\’ll get an insane amount of likes. Because no matter how ugly you think you are -You aren\’t! So, get a camera and… Cheese!ย 
1) Smile!! It sounds simple but smiling is amazing -your photos will instantly look a million better.ย  giving a smile is the best thing to amp up those likes๐Ÿ‘ plus it\’s a super easy thing!
2) be someone interesting! -a waterfall, in the city.. the background is also super important in selfies, you\’ll find a selfie of you out and about gets more attention than one of you in your bedroom. It also draws attention -which is what you want, right?
3) Don\’t look at the camera. Weird, but if you try it you\’ll find gazing at someone of something else actually makes a better picture -mostly!ย 
And done! Those are my selfies tips -do you have any of your own? I\’d love to hear them so comment below! Till then, happy snapping!
Infinite xoxo

Cool or cringe…?

Hey guys, another bad title, but hey, cool or cringe -you decide!๐Ÿ˜‘ Haha sorry, bad jokes aside, let\’s get started on this blog!

But if that DIDN\’T put you off, then today I want to talk to you about Instagram, Youtube, twitter and basically any social media -and the stuff you post ON it.

So, when you first get any social media at about 10 (um, you\’re supposed to be 13 but you know..) your so excited and post basically anything on your account. I don\’t know about you but I did…

And then you look back at it years later and you\’re asking yourself what on earth you were thinking. So yeah, pretty much a bunch of cringey irrelevant posts on your account isn\’t the BEST when you want to be a social media star… so here\’s a pro-tip, if it doesn\’t represent you, right now -then hit the delete button! Your profile will look tons better with posts that ACTUALLY mean something to you -rather than random 2-year-old photos.

Don\’t forget -if your public- that anyone can see these, Future employers, your fans, friends… so you probably don\’t want a stranger getting hold of photos of the stuff the 10-year-old you used to get up to (i swear from the ages 10-13 you change so much…?) but anyways, just be cautious!

So i hope this has been helpful ๐Ÿ™‚ and remember -it\’s your profile, so it\’s up to YOU!

infinite xoxo

2,600,000 Edits and counting..

Hey guys!! So, today -as a sequel to my video tips, i thought i\’d A) be more active by posting the next day, and B) post some editing tips..! Let\’s go! ๐Ÿ™‚

When your editing…

Always, always, ALWAYS watch the whole video once done to make sure everything works and does what you want it to do! Nobody wants to watch a video that\’s out of sync and things like that. (No, infinite\’s NOT going to say that your the biggest critique on yourself… aghhh she just did!)

Make sure your editing actually works with the video, again, no rose petals at a car chase. Just keep it in mind, seriously, you\’d be surprised…ย 

Make sure that it isn\’t \”over the top\” It just makes the video loose quality in the long run. By over the top I mean 10 different effects for one scene.ย 

What to use:ย 

There are free apps out there that you can edit with, and yes i do admit they aren\’t as good as the ones you need to pay for, but it\’s great for when you start out. The editors all have different PRO\’s and CON\’s, some are easier, some have better features.. it\’s just finding one that does what you need in a straightforward matter.

Why you should edit:
In the long-run, edited videos have more views -they look more appealing. They are also shorter as all the unnecessary scenes are often cut out. you can emphasize certain parts of the video and in general edited videos are way, WAY better than non-edited ones ๐Ÿ™‚

So, if your on the fence if you should edit -YES, you should! It\’s free and it\’s worth it! infinite xoxo

Online DO\’s and DON\’Ts

Hey guys!ย 

Sorry for not posting in a while, but I hope you all had a Spook-tastic Halloween -Next Stop Christmas!!

So, since you guys seem to LOVE the tips, I thought I\’d give you what you wanted ๐Ÿ™‚ so, how many of you have questioned whether or not to post something on social media? Yup, I know I have. All I can say is been there done that! Well don\’t worry, I\’m here to help as much as I can! So, next time your in these situations, you have a cheat sheet. Your welcome ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

Online DOs:

1)interact with your audience! -This makes you feel good, AND your audience will appreciate it, too!
2)Post unique content regularly. -It doesn\’t have to be daily, or even weekly! Post when it suits YOU
3) Make sure your passwords secure (Sorry! My E-safety mode right there)

4) Be KIND, -It\’s so obvious, but remember Bambi? Awww such a cute film ๐Ÿ™‚ But \”If you can\’t say anything nice, don\’t say anything at all!\”ย 
5) Facts and Opinions! Respect and acknowledge them. Also, don\’t fall into the trap of thinking \”My favourite channel is the best\” is what everyone else thinks, too.ย 

Online DON\’Ts :
Spam people. Trust me, they will NOT appreciate it.
Post too many links. (Same thing, right..?) But don\’t tweet links to the rest of your content 24/7ย …

DON\’T say mean/hurtful things to others (Never ends well, trust me) just don\’t start a war!ย ย 

That\’s the shortlist ๐Ÿ™‚ So I hope these are kinda helpful? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Infinite xoxo

YouTube channels :)

Hello my Lovely readers, today, I want to talk about why people give up on their channel after a while.

The main reason I think people stop posting is that they don\’t get the responses they want -and I agree- it\’s a little disheartening when you spend hours slaving away over a screen only to have no views and likes in response, everyone who\’s famous has been there once. People expect as soon as they post a video to be noticed immediately, and to have their phone buzzing continuously in the next 24 hours -It just doesn\’t happen- I spent 2 years just to get to where I am right now 247 subscribers -and that\’s nothing compared to 2 million subscribers, those people get 2x more subscribers than I have A DAY! (lucky humans..)

But yeah, many of my friends have started their own channels, and I\’m really supportive at that, I mean it\’s pretty cool having friends doing something you\’re also in to, but after a while, it goes the same way… One day, they say \”Oh I have a channel\” I check it out, I subscribe, watch their first video, like it -once they have uploaded a couple of videos. A month later they post another, and it just grinds to a halt so their latest video was 6 months ago or something. You\’ve just got to show a LITTLE resilience in this department.

But, another thing you should do, as I\’ve repeated multiple times.. You shouldn\’t worry to much about the numbers. Don\’t spend your life saying what you\’ve done isn\’t good enough, i\’m proud of what i\’ve created, sure it isn\’t millions, but i have REAL people -Yes, we all spam ourselves at least once.. who read what I have to say -watch my videos, check out my social media… and it\’s pretty cool! Being grateful DOES has it\’s rewards -My 15-second reviews for Max and Harvey FOMOย  have been broadcast on TV SEVEN times! (Sorry, I\’m just really proud of it)

So yeah -If your not famous, don\’t worry too much -Just hang in there! The rewards will be worth it ๐Ÿ™‚ Trust me!ย 

infinite xoxo


Hey guys! We\’ve reached 200 views guysยฌ whoop WHOOP! Thank you all who\’ve stuck around so far ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, i want to discuss the concept of \”fame\” well -who ELSE wants to know, when, if ever, they become famous? similar to that movie i\’ve seen the trailer for -the one about the app that tells you when somethings going to happen for you? -just less creepy. For me, I really REALLY want to be famous. (see? I only do that when i really care about something) It\’s been my dream since i can remember. I\’ve been told about my \”star-potential\” but i wish people\’d be more specific. In WHAT exactly? Academic studies? singing? dancing? Blogging? -I hope i\’m one of those insanely lucky humans who shoots off to fame at 13 or 14, for example. I can imagine how cool it\’d be -to have millions of followers online, people asking for photos and autographs, people screaming your name.. Yeeah, typical fangirling. It\’s not just that though, it\’s just you matter so much MORE in the world, there are 7 BILLION humans on the planet -It\’s really hard to be heard and noticed -But if you famous, that changes immediately. It\’s the sad reality of it, your opinion suddenly matters more because of your \”fame\” and we all know what happens then.ย 

However, as with everything in the world, there\’s a downside. Fame is no different, apart from all the cool and amazing things with fame, there\’s a huge amount of problems it causes -The problem is fame doesn\’t have an OFF/ON button. Sometimes you do need alone time, when people aren\’t expecting you to put on a show. You can\’t have that if your famous -you have to work INSANELY hard, keep a startling amount of people happy and your private life could possibly be jeopardized. Papparazi go to EXTREME lengths to get a story -ANY story- on you (Even what\’s in your trash… Hm…)

So yeah. I still want to be famous -and maybe one day i WILL, but until then, i\’ll be living a slightly less than normal but still regular every-day life, school.. homework.. my GCSE\’s are starting so so all that stuff. Speaking of homework, i have an assignment to do -Laters!ย 

infinite xoxo