How to deal with an overwhelming amount of notifications.

Spam, likes, comments, new fans? We all get loads of notifications on the daily, from all angles. Social media, texts, even google! But what happens when we get too many? That\’s where these tips come in! πŸ™‚

1) Block notifications you don\’t want, like ones from Google, the ones from Tiktok you don\’t need, etc. This is a great way to organise your notifications.

2) Check your social media settings, in most social media, there is an option in settings for what notifications you want to receive, turn off the ones you don\’t want -this also works for Email too! Handy πŸ™‚

3) There\’s a do not disturb button for a reason! That\’s a pretty good way of silencing your once non-annoying notification bell πŸ‘

sorry, this was so short, I hope you are all staying well πŸ™‚

Looking after your fans!

Hey, guys! Bit of a quick blog today πŸ™‚

As someone who wants to become famous, it\’s best to start looking after your fans from the start! What I mean by this is: Showing that they MEAN something to you. That you care about them. People are more likely to follow someone who appreciates them, so try to include them as much as possible! Below, I\’ve listed some things to help you get started

Here are my tips:

1) Every so often, I go an Instagram story with a list of followers for people to follow, this ALWAYS leads to a positive response from them, and it makes ME feel nice, too! It\’s super easy and it also means you have content, 3 birds with 1 stone

2) Do shoutout videos. -Simply acknowledging them is really important -You don\’t have to do whole videos, maybe at the start/end of an upload -this also encourages engagement from fans, too!Β 

3) call them by a \”Group\” names, like Jayden Bartels\’ \”jaybaes\”, and max and harvey\’s \”Millsies\”, I call my fans part of the \”infinite-wolf-gamer studio squad :)\” -Yeah… um, not a lot to work with here! With my channel name and all… But It\’s really fun to do, and It makes your fans feel like part of something.

that\’s all for now! Hope to see you soon πŸ™‚

infinite xoxo

Clean up after yourself! *Social Media Tips!*

Hey guys! Sorry, it\’s been too long… but today, I\’m here with advice on how to make your profile look that tiny bit better.Β  It\’s simple, yet so effective.Β 

I call it… cleaning up after yourself! -Ok, it sounds like something more real-life based, BUT, the point I\’m trying to express is: If a video, post, comment or ANYTHING in your digital footprint ISN\’T representing YOU, right now, then consider deleting it! Things like Closing accounts that you don\’t use, and deleting all posts that are old and irrelevant. It may not seem like a significant thing, but it helps your profile look fresh and up-to-date, plus, it\’s less likely for people to stumble upon your old maybe less flattering posts, if, when they google you, it\’s flooded with new, positive results.

It\’s super easy to do this, open up your youtube, Instagram, even Twitter feed, and simply read, watch or looks at what\’s there. Then decide if it still represents you. Though it may feel a bit tedious, it really is worth it in end

Here are some tips on what to delete:

-Posts that just aren\’t You. Nothing really to say about this one, clues in the name.Β 

-Things that you can\’t finish watching yourself. -This is a great tip, if you want to click off the video before it\’s finished, it\’s best to think why, and private or delete it

-Things that WERE a joke, but now just look bad. -This is A MUST for Twitter, those tweets from 5 years ago you thought were funny? Maybe it\’s best to delete them now…

-Old accounts you had when you were younger. We\’ve all had accounts we post embarrassing things on, if you can find them, it\’s best to delete them.Β 

I do this regularly, with all social media, and I found It does help! You don\’t have to do it as a daily thing I myself only do it once or twice a month, but if you have time -Definitely something to consider!

Hope you enjoyed my tips! Hopefully, I can write back soon πŸ™‚ See you!

infinite xoxo

Instagram -What to post and When!

Hey guys! I\’m back with the tips πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Today, I\’m going to discuss Instagram -I\’m certain a lot of are advised of all the features you can use, such as IGTV, stories as well as regular posts. However today I\’m going to give you some advice so you can maintain your followers, keep your profile active, but, at the same time, not look like a social media addict.

So, how often should I post what?Β 

Weekly, I recommend posting 2 to 3 posts to your profile. Plus about 3 stories a week, these are an important part of your followers\’ engagement. Doing so means that people are also prone to check out your page. I also think posting 1 IGTV video a week is a reliable idea.

If you want me to cover the other socials, you know what to do! Until then, my readers πŸ™‚

infinite xoxo

Tips for people Online on the Go!

Heya guys! Happy Friday πŸ‘ you know what maybe I should come up with a name for you guys… Comment below suggestions? Anyways, onto today\’s blog!

Today\’s blog is about being on the go. This counts especially if your a YouTuber and blogger wanting to keep posted in the middle of a car journey… or you have so much to do you can\’t slave away for hours on your desktop. So how can you do it when your just so busy that being at home isn\’t enough?Β 
1) Social media management. I\’m not talking agencies… I\’m talking websites such as Hootsuite or tweet deck that you can schedule posts on. If you don\’t have a budget -don\’t worry! There are free websites πŸ™‚ They\’re really useful for keeping fans updated when you feel your activity is running a little low.
2) use your time sensibly! Maybe when you\’re in the car to school you could finish a blog, for example! Any appropriate time is good. When you\’re not doing anything important, you can use it to boost your engagement. -But don\’t forget to unplug from time to time! This brings me on to…
3) Organisation! It\’s no secret that you definitely need to be on top of things to keep your audience hooked, so how to get organised? Well… ok, it\’s not so simple. The only tips I can really pass on are Use reminders on your phone, set up a schedule, use a to-do list to keep track of progress, even bribery for yourself! Whatever helps you keep everything in check!Β 
And there you go, one journey and one blog complete! Hope it was worth the wait!
Keep active! Infinite xoxo

Keeping your Motivation.

Heya guys! Thank you all my lovely readers for your continuous support in reading my blog, watching my channel and everything else you\’ve done for me πŸ™‚ You guys are the greatest!

So today, I wanted to talk about Motivation, and believe me, it is not a skill your born with, because I mean, I\’ve been a YouTuber/blogger for 2 years and I still need these tips to help motivate me. They actually DO help! So, from someone who needs something really interesting to happen to actually focus, these are my tips so you stay on track and stay motivated:

1) See the results. As I\’ve said, I started a blog before, and I quit because nobody actually read it. The reason I keep this one up is that I\’ve seenΒ people read it from LOADS of places around the world, which is super cool because people actually read it, and it\’s not just me spamming. I don\’t know why, or the psychological stuff behind it. But it\’s definitely a top tip in the motivation department.

2) Do something ELSE. Working on one little thing over time can get more than a bit boring. I mean, who else clicks on another website when supposed to be doing something else? I can\’t deny that I\’ve done those things… So take breaks and do something else. When I met KONNIE HUQ, yes, the BP presenter! She told us this- when she was writing her book, she said she wrote 500 words then went off and did something else entirely. That\’s actually a SUPER bit of advice. If you didn\’t believe me, then that probably reassures you! haha!

3) Why? It\’s a simple thing, why on earth are you doing this? For me, I do YouTube for so many different reasons i\’d need a Book SERIES to write them in, but yeah, basically, Keep reminding yourself why you do something, Like for the community, for that dream of becoming famous (2 of the reasons I do YouTube) It\’s so simple but it drives you to finish what you started, and you will!!

Whatever your doing, keep motivated, there IS life after this you know!

infinite xoxo

Discoverability and New viewers!

OK, something -VERY- difficult for people starting out in the YouTube world is getting new people to watch, is it me, or do you feel stuck in a loophole because the same people are watching, commenting and liking your videos, which is great, but what some people really want to know is how to get new people to visit your channel, and how to get them to actually notice you?

So I went to the best place for answers -GOOGLE- and found so many different ways. But you know what? I decided to write about it right here because the best information comes from those who have the first-hand experience, right? I\’m happy to report I have some top-notch tips for getting that online world to see you, you\’ll never need to ask google again! Enough rambling, let\’s get on with the Tips!!

1) Tags! tag your videos in the description with everything you can think of to do with that video. This will help people when searching for these things, they\’re more likely to find your video. Tag the makeup you used in a tutorial, for example. This is ALSO a good tip for Instagram πŸ™‚

2) Social media: Instagram, Twitter -You know it! There\’s tons of traffic on these sites, so set up a profile and link your channel in your BIO. Don\’t forget you can link your social media from your YouTube too. The more sites your on, the higher your discoverability. However, don\’t join every social network, choose up to 3 and really work on your profile before beginning a new one.

and my final tip for this blog.. 3) Post content regularly! Not only will your channel grow, but you\’ll also get new viewers and subscribers too! Another good tip is to post on a certain day so your followers know when to expect a new upload, every Friday, for example!

AAAAND that\’s all πŸ™‚ Hope you enjoyed this blog, and as always if YOU have any tips don\’t forget to comment below! Ba-bye

infinite xoxo

Ideas to Inspire

Hey guys! Thank you for your patience, it\’s been ages since my last post. So I\’m back, don\’t worry guys nothing much happened. So today I want to talk to you about coming up with ideas. For anything really, a school project, a song, a YouTube video or Instagram post. So, A lot of you probably want to know how to come up with killer ideas.

Use inspiration! If you\’re inspired with something or someone, then use those ideas! If they do something a certain way, why not try it for yourself? However, keep within the copyright guidelines, and remember that you are also your own person! You\’re you for a reason!

Improve! Use what you have and find ways to make it better! If you want a way to make something easier, come up with a way to do it! For example. instead of having links for people to copy and paste, make them so people can click on them, or instead of having a link to one thing, set up a link to Linktree that has them all! (This may be confusing, but basically, make what there is better!)

Base it on what\’s popular: Ok, so has everyone heard of fidget spinners? OK, so the fidget CUBE is based on that idea, isn\’t it? Because fidget spinners were trending, people came up with something better, and this is what you should do, base it off what\’s trending, for example, if cat videos are popular, come up with a way to get a cat in your next post. etc.

NOTE IT DOWN: First and foremost, write your ideas down because you never know if you\’ll forget a super good idea if you\’re distracted! Keep a notebook with you in case inspiration strikes! I have one by me so if I have an idea during the night, I can write it down -this has happened so much I\’ve learnt to write in the dark! hahaΒ 

and that\’s it, I\’m afraid, I hope these are useful because I really want to see what you guys come up with πŸ™‚

infinite xoxo

3 Things to do BEFORE your famous!

Hey guys! It\’s getting closer and closer till Christmas -who already has their tree up? πŸ™‚

Buy anyway, Today, i want to talk about things to definitely do before you reach fame, because then… well, let\’s just say you\’d wish you HAD done these things -so pay close attention! πŸ™‚ (Don\’t worry, there\’s no quiz at the end, but it\’s a good idea to take these on board..!) So, without further ado.. My list of things to do before fame!

1) Figure out your style -One thing to do before you have the masses at your fingertips is figure out the thing or type of video your good at, and people enjoy. For me, it\’s gaming and blogs -So i upload plenty of those videos regularly, if you don\’t know your style yet, try a bunch of different things and see what gets the most positive feedback -You\’ll find something!

2) Delete irrelevant posts, before they can\’t be. I know, your probably saying \”well, there\’s a delete button, so why CAN\’T i delete stuff?!\”or at least thinking it, well lets just say, people can screenshot, record, and remember. So, if YOU\’VE deleted it, means the rest of the internet will, so BEFORE you hit your fame, just do regular checks of old and cringey videos that don\’t really represent the right now version of you

3) Enjoy life as a regular human, yes -weird, but once your famous that kind of it you\’ll be recognized everywhere, and, yes -everyone\’ll admit it can get very annoying so enjoy the normal life whilst you can, but also embrace your new one, I mean, people\’ll KILL to be famous -so make the most of it!

and ladies and gentlemen, is my amazing top 3 of what to do before your famous, so guys -if you are shooting for fame, then I hope you\’ll take these on board, and don\’t forget to leave your comments below! πŸ™‚

infinite xoxo