How to stop Blogger tracking your own Pageviews. 2021 (step by step guide)

 Hey, everyone! Today I thought I\’d do a quick tutorial for all the new bloggers out there! Showing you how to stop blogger counting your page views because with blogger, every time you refresh the page your views go up by 1, and this can be misleading if YOUR views get counted in this too! So this is the new updated dashboard 2021 version! Enjoy 🙂

Step 1: Go to \”STATS\” In your blogger Dashboard:

(Shown in the image)
The first step is to go to the \”STATS\” Page in your blogger dashboard

This should be on the menu under \”New Post\”

Once you click on it, the first thing you are shown your stats for your blog. 

Step 2: Scroll to the end of your stats page:

The next step will be to scroll to the end of your stats where you will see a link called \”Manage the tracking of your own page views\” Click this link and you should be taken to a different window.


This is the page you\’re brought too, and the last step would be to check the box and then You\’re done! Blogger will no longer count your own page views!

Step 4: That\’s it 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial and it was somewhat helpful to all you new bloggers out there! 🙂 Let me know what you want to see next! 
Infinite xoxo

Pleasing everyone.

Ok, so I know a LOT of bloggers have different types of content, like me, for example, Gaming, vlogging, Pokemon, harry potter series, and Max & Harvey…Possibly even more! I\’m into loads of stuff, which seems great…. Until You have that dilemma of pleasing every single person/fan with your content.

There\’s nothing WRONG with posting all those kinds of content because I LOVE every single one of the things mentioned in the list! However, it\’s pretty obvious, and again, there\’s nothing wrong with this, not everyone does. Not everyone is into the exact same things I am. The point is

We\’re all different. 
but that\’s where it becomes complicated.

To put it simply, people follow and subscribe to you because of your content. a specific type of content, to be exact. Maybe they\’re into your gaming videos or harry potter series, rather than Max and Harvey or Pokemon. SO, that\’s what makes finding something to post really difficult. Because some people, including myself, are the type of person who wants to please everyone. To keep people happy and to keep followers, I can\’t be the only one who feels a little downhearted when your follower count goes from 410 to 409.  I feel like: I was a 410, why do I need to go backwards? Down? Then I worry every time I post if someone will unfollow me. So I try to please everyone again. -It\’s a vicious cycle.

But the thing is you can\’t please everyone.

If every time I post or upload a photo, or maybe a vlog, or basically every single type of video I love and try get every franchise I like in there all in one go, or even try to mention them all in a single video, that would be exhausting. I\’d just end up hating everything I\’m supposed to \”Like\” -Imagine wearing harry potter clothes, whilst drawing pokemon, talking about Max and Harvey. It\’d be a mess! It suddenly becomes a lot of effort to please everyone, and if I do say so myself, a lot of WASTED effort. It wouldn\’t bring me the happiness YouTube does anymore because I\’d spend my time with this worry of pleasing everyone. Every hate comment would send me into this downward spiral. And I\’d feel useless. Then it happens All over again 

Surely I\’m not the only one, here! 

But my advice is this: Don\’t worry about pleasing EVERYONE, please yourself first and foremost, Think: Would this make ME happy?  Why do I like this? If so, then that should be good enough for people who truly care about you, and your content. And if that doesn\’t help: 

Another thing is to treat every unfollow as what it is. Finding the people who like YOU, just for YOU! If you feel a little down-hearted about the numbers decreasing, (who wouldn\’t?!) Just get into the habit of thinking. \”Hey, That\’s one less person I have to please!\” Even if it doesn\’t get you that follow back, it should keep the fire going to drive you to create the best content for YOU, that everyone who cares will enjoy. 

Because at the end of the day. If YOU\’RE not Happy, NOBODY\’S happy! 

and Remember, Your content is what you should care about! Just do YOU! 

Infinite xoxo

Secret to Selfies! 😱

Hey guys! This blog is getting better and better thank you all for checking out my tips and vents about a YouTubers life…!

Today, I\’ll be giving you some tips on how to take a super sweet selfie! If you follow these tips then its really you\’ll get an insane amount of likes. Because no matter how ugly you think you are -You aren\’t! So, get a camera and… Cheese! 
1) Smile!! It sounds simple but smiling is amazing -your photos will instantly look a million better.  giving a smile is the best thing to amp up those likes👍 plus it\’s a super easy thing!
2) be someone interesting! -a waterfall, in the city.. the background is also super important in selfies, you\’ll find a selfie of you out and about gets more attention than one of you in your bedroom. It also draws attention -which is what you want, right?
3) Don\’t look at the camera. Weird, but if you try it you\’ll find gazing at someone of something else actually makes a better picture -mostly! 
And done! Those are my selfies tips -do you have any of your own? I\’d love to hear them so comment below! Till then, happy snapping!
Infinite xoxo

How to actually start a YouTube channel

So, I\’ve noticed I talk a lot about YouTube and Instagram, however, I\’ve never really talked about how to get started and create a channel, which actually may be helpful! So… Without further ado: infinite-wolf-gamers \”starting YouTube\” guide!

1) You need a Google account, which you can create for free. 
2) Head over to YouTube and sign-in on the google account you want to associate with your channel (Don\’t make the mistake I did and use a really bad email that you can\’t change later on)
3) Hit the \’upload\’ button, then YouTube will ask you to enter a channel name. -This you CAN change 
4) your good to go! Upload your first video and then your officially a YouTuber!
Good luck! Infinite xoxo

2,600,000 Edits and counting..

Hey guys!! So, today -as a sequel to my video tips, i thought i\’d A) be more active by posting the next day, and B) post some editing tips..! Let\’s go! 🙂

When your editing…

Always, always, ALWAYS watch the whole video once done to make sure everything works and does what you want it to do! Nobody wants to watch a video that\’s out of sync and things like that. (No, infinite\’s NOT going to say that your the biggest critique on yourself… aghhh she just did!)

Make sure your editing actually works with the video, again, no rose petals at a car chase. Just keep it in mind, seriously, you\’d be surprised… 

Make sure that it isn\’t \”over the top\” It just makes the video loose quality in the long run. By over the top I mean 10 different effects for one scene. 

What to use: 

There are free apps out there that you can edit with, and yes i do admit they aren\’t as good as the ones you need to pay for, but it\’s great for when you start out. The editors all have different PRO\’s and CON\’s, some are easier, some have better features.. it\’s just finding one that does what you need in a straightforward matter.

Why you should edit:
In the long-run, edited videos have more views -they look more appealing. They are also shorter as all the unnecessary scenes are often cut out. you can emphasize certain parts of the video and in general edited videos are way, WAY better than non-edited ones 🙂

So, if your on the fence if you should edit -YES, you should! It\’s free and it\’s worth it! infinite xoxo

YouTube channels :)

Hello my Lovely readers, today, I want to talk about why people give up on their channel after a while.

The main reason I think people stop posting is that they don\’t get the responses they want -and I agree- it\’s a little disheartening when you spend hours slaving away over a screen only to have no views and likes in response, everyone who\’s famous has been there once. People expect as soon as they post a video to be noticed immediately, and to have their phone buzzing continuously in the next 24 hours -It just doesn\’t happen- I spent 2 years just to get to where I am right now 247 subscribers -and that\’s nothing compared to 2 million subscribers, those people get 2x more subscribers than I have A DAY! (lucky humans..)

But yeah, many of my friends have started their own channels, and I\’m really supportive at that, I mean it\’s pretty cool having friends doing something you\’re also in to, but after a while, it goes the same way… One day, they say \”Oh I have a channel\” I check it out, I subscribe, watch their first video, like it -once they have uploaded a couple of videos. A month later they post another, and it just grinds to a halt so their latest video was 6 months ago or something. You\’ve just got to show a LITTLE resilience in this department.

But, another thing you should do, as I\’ve repeated multiple times.. You shouldn\’t worry to much about the numbers. Don\’t spend your life saying what you\’ve done isn\’t good enough, i\’m proud of what i\’ve created, sure it isn\’t millions, but i have REAL people -Yes, we all spam ourselves at least once.. who read what I have to say -watch my videos, check out my social media… and it\’s pretty cool! Being grateful DOES has it\’s rewards -My 15-second reviews for Max and Harvey FOMO  have been broadcast on TV SEVEN times! (Sorry, I\’m just really proud of it)

So yeah -If your not famous, don\’t worry too much -Just hang in there! The rewards will be worth it 🙂 Trust me! 

infinite xoxo

How to be insta-famous

Heya guys! Before i start, i just want to say that I CANNOT believe people from France, Belgium,  Ireland, America and other countries view my blog -Thank you guys!! Your all awesome 🙂

Right, back to the blog -So today, i want to talk about Instagram, a top picture sharing social media -and how to become famous on it. Or, at least, more noticed.

I\’m not in the famous circle myself, but I have had brushes with fame. Some things I\’ve posted went viral, I\’ve been on TV twice, and I\’ve been noticed by an Olympian and a (less famous) actor, not johnny Depp or someone like that.. -Sorry if you got your hopes up there! But yeah, so if you do decide to take these tips on board, just remember there not guarantees 😀

So, How do you become insta-famous?

Tip 1) Evaluate your feedback (OK, Ok, yes this does sound like a student-at-school thing, but i\’ll explain it in English) -Look at your most popular posts. What\’s different about them? Did you have a funny caption, tag people, was it the type of photo? Once you\’ve figured it out, post more of that type of content. NOT 24/7 though, that\’s just really off-putting. (Trust me, no-one likes a over-sharer.) Also do this for your less popular posts, it\’s good to have both ends of the stick at hand!

Tip 2) It\’s no surprise people with more followers get more likes and feedback in general. So, work on getting followers. Promote your instagram on your other social networks, post interesting content regularly, (Not just posts about following you,) and make sure you have a cool looking feed, these all encourage people to follow you. This may take time, but you should find your followers increasing.

Tip 3) Cool or cringe? When you post something, just question it. Would i want to see this? What would my reaction be? If you do this, your likes and followers will improve because, believe it or not YOU are actually the hardest critic on yourself.

Tip 4) Be very patient -Numbers ARE numbers at the end of the day, so just enjoy the things you have already! It\’s easy to take them for-granted.

Do you have any tips on how to be instagram famous? I\’d love to hear them 😉 Until next time!

infinite xoxo