The ups and down of YouTube life (part 1) The DOWNSIDES

 Hey guys! As we move into a SECOND lockdown here in the UK, I just want to let you know to HANG. IN THERE! I promise, it will NOT be as bad as the first, and I know you\’ll all get through it, I love you all thank you so much for being my amazing supportive fans! ❤ 

Ok, back to this blog 🙂 So I wanted to share with you the… not so great, parts about being a YouTuber, as for some reason most people seem to think that being able to film yourself and broadcast it to millions of people out there is a luxury, a perfect alternate reality and that really doesn\’t exist. Sure, having an audience at the drop of a hat is amazing, but it\’s not always like that! There are some wonderful parts to being a YouTuber, of course, but there\’s already enough of that out there, about the fame, glitz and glamour. There isn\’t enough of THIS.

I spend hours on a weekly basis filming and editing videos writing, blogs, filming podcasts and things for TV appearances… or even going live on air once in a while! Just trying to get myself noticed and out-there, basically. I\’m not complaining, I mean this IS my CHOICE, after all. I knew it wouldn\’t be easy, and personally, I\’m fine with that!  My life isn\’t glitz and glamour. Especially at times like these. In a 2 week self-isolation along with my year, during a global pandemic.  Sometimes, it\’s more than easy to give up. Like when the path ahead is hardly visible and you begin to question every decision you\’ve EVER made. 

Hey, just ask the 11-year-old me -At the point in my life where I had to choose between a whole new future or a secure one- I had the opportunity to go to an Amazing school, but only if I got a scholarship. Was it worth it? To pursue my own dreams by going to this school, leaving everyone I knew from primary behind, and work on something I barely just dug through the surface of and put myself in a really good position for my future? Or go to a place where I\’d have friends from day 1, a good enough future and something to fall back on. 

the only downside is I\’d regret it later on, thinking What IF I did that? and never really knowing for sure.

Wow, when you put it like that it seems an almost impossible decision, but I bet you can guess what I chose. 

ANNNYWAY, what I\’m saying is Being a youtube is about determination, sacrifices and tough decisions. 

But, sorry I do seem to be dragging on a bit this post, aren\’t I?

So I\’ll do it in 2 separate parts! Save you from getting through the rest. So what can I say? Stay tuned for part 2, hopefully, a way more positive blog! 🙂

Infinite xoxo

Tools every YouTuber needs to know about:

 Hey, everyone! This blog is inspired by my own experiences with this question. 

What tools do I need to succeed as a YouTuber? Are there any websites or useful places to have in your back pocket? 

So, believe it or not, I went to google. 

Do you know what I found? nothing. Nada. The first thing that came up was a bunch of equipment my bank balance is still unable to afford. It was quaking, I tell you. 

So then I asked myself: Do I need this stuff, just to be successful? No. So what was the point in just getting a bunch of random items like fancy cameras and ring lights, to answer a question that many people, and myself, need a good, solid answer too? The answer is not equipment. Is it?

So I decided to rewrite the rulebook, and come up with my own list to this question, and I hope you find that somewhat useful, too. 

Number 1) The most important, number 1  tool I always, always use is my YouTube analytics. Believe it or NOT, this tool is a really important one. Sure, it may seem dreary and dull and -who cares- but if you know how to use it, and make it your friend, then it will reward. It shows you when your audience is active, so you know a good day and time to post, it helps you filter your comments, so you can answer comments that have questions in, etc. so it\’s a million times easier to be Active in your youtube community and a bunch of cool features that give you that boost you need to create better content for your fans. They\’re the ones that matter at the end of the day, right?

2) A background remover and thumbnail maker. Thumbnails… They are basically the face of your video. and most people want a pretty face, don\’t they? I\’m sure you\’ve come across videos where the thumbnail is a blurry, phone screen-sized clip from the video, right? Now, Do you want to click on those? Mostly, No. A thumbnail really does help, even if you take the time to choose 1 out of the 3 YouTube recommends to you, it boots the people who want to click on your video. A thumbnail editor and background remover don\’t have to be fancy, there are great FREE tools, like Pixlr X and Pixlr E, and a background remover isn\’t much harder to find! These steps really help improve clickability

3) The YouTube Studio phone app. The phone app is super cool, as it helps you view comments, stats on your latest video, edit and make changes, PLUS show you your analytics, as in-depth as the original studio! For the serious YouTuber, or ones that just want to have this on the go, this free app is a must!

Okie Dokie, I know this has been a loooong blog entry, but I feel like, if I searched for tools every YouTuber needs to succeed… I\’d want something like this to come up. You know? I know they\’re basic, but that\’s the best place to start, honing in on the basics. So good luck! and feel free to share any more tools in the comments below!

Wishing you a lovely Monday,

infinite xoxo

Clean up after yourself! *Social Media Tips!*

Hey guys! Sorry, it\’s been too long… but today, I\’m here with advice on how to make your profile look that tiny bit better.  It\’s simple, yet so effective. 

I call it… cleaning up after yourself! -Ok, it sounds like something more real-life based, BUT, the point I\’m trying to express is: If a video, post, comment or ANYTHING in your digital footprint ISN\’T representing YOU, right now, then consider deleting it! Things like Closing accounts that you don\’t use, and deleting all posts that are old and irrelevant. It may not seem like a significant thing, but it helps your profile look fresh and up-to-date, plus, it\’s less likely for people to stumble upon your old maybe less flattering posts, if, when they google you, it\’s flooded with new, positive results.

It\’s super easy to do this, open up your youtube, Instagram, even Twitter feed, and simply read, watch or looks at what\’s there. Then decide if it still represents you. Though it may feel a bit tedious, it really is worth it in end

Here are some tips on what to delete:

-Posts that just aren\’t You. Nothing really to say about this one, clues in the name. 

-Things that you can\’t finish watching yourself. -This is a great tip, if you want to click off the video before it\’s finished, it\’s best to think why, and private or delete it

-Things that WERE a joke, but now just look bad. -This is A MUST for Twitter, those tweets from 5 years ago you thought were funny? Maybe it\’s best to delete them now…

-Old accounts you had when you were younger. We\’ve all had accounts we post embarrassing things on, if you can find them, it\’s best to delete them. 

I do this regularly, with all social media, and I found It does help! You don\’t have to do it as a daily thing I myself only do it once or twice a month, but if you have time -Definitely something to consider!

Hope you enjoyed my tips! Hopefully, I can write back soon 🙂 See you!

infinite xoxo

2020\’s Infinite Exclusives

Heya guys, whoa it\’s been a while! If you haven\’t noticed I haven\’t posted a new entry here in a while. So I guess I owe you guys an explanation…I\’ve been super busy lately, -getting all my homework done extra early, working on videos, coming up with fresh new content ideas, getting my new social media hub up and running! Boy, it\’s been a hectic month!! But don\’t worry, I haven\’t forgotten about you guys 🙂 This entry is going to be a bit on the short side, but never fear, next month is going to be JAM PACKED with new content, and I\’m BURSTING to give you the low-down, and now I can!! Welcome to infinite\’s exclusives :3

Some cool YOUTUBE videos to look forward too:
1)I\’m going to be going to see Max and Harvey\’s Tour!! -VIP package! Expect footage from the soundcheck, meet and greets, the event AND Jenna Raine will be there 🙂 This is definitely a video you don\’t want to miss!
2) I\’m doing a room tour! -I\’ve wanted to do this video for soo long! You guys, for the first time EVER, will get a full tour of my room 🙂 I can\’t wait to get filming!
3) My first videos being reacted too! This is also a SUPER fun video coming your way. The cringe, the Collabs -I\’m watching some of the very first videos that I posted online

and obviously, the blog…

Expect more social media hacks, news, tips -AND the new update landing very soon 🙂
oh and of course, more infinite exclusives :3

\’Till next time! 🙂 infinite xoxo

Tips for people Online on the Go!

Heya guys! Happy Friday 👍 you know what maybe I should come up with a name for you guys… Comment below suggestions? Anyways, onto today\’s blog!

Today\’s blog is about being on the go. This counts especially if your a YouTuber and blogger wanting to keep posted in the middle of a car journey… or you have so much to do you can\’t slave away for hours on your desktop. So how can you do it when your just so busy that being at home isn\’t enough? 
1) Social media management. I\’m not talking agencies… I\’m talking websites such as Hootsuite or tweet deck that you can schedule posts on. If you don\’t have a budget -don\’t worry! There are free websites 🙂 They\’re really useful for keeping fans updated when you feel your activity is running a little low.
2) use your time sensibly! Maybe when you\’re in the car to school you could finish a blog, for example! Any appropriate time is good. When you\’re not doing anything important, you can use it to boost your engagement. -But don\’t forget to unplug from time to time! This brings me on to…
3) Organisation! It\’s no secret that you definitely need to be on top of things to keep your audience hooked, so how to get organised? Well… ok, it\’s not so simple. The only tips I can really pass on are Use reminders on your phone, set up a schedule, use a to-do list to keep track of progress, even bribery for yourself! Whatever helps you keep everything in check! 
And there you go, one journey and one blog complete! Hope it was worth the wait!
Keep active! Infinite xoxo

Discoverability and New viewers!

OK, something -VERY- difficult for people starting out in the YouTube world is getting new people to watch, is it me, or do you feel stuck in a loophole because the same people are watching, commenting and liking your videos, which is great, but what some people really want to know is how to get new people to visit your channel, and how to get them to actually notice you?

So I went to the best place for answers -GOOGLE- and found so many different ways. But you know what? I decided to write about it right here because the best information comes from those who have the first-hand experience, right? I\’m happy to report I have some top-notch tips for getting that online world to see you, you\’ll never need to ask google again! Enough rambling, let\’s get on with the Tips!!

1) Tags! tag your videos in the description with everything you can think of to do with that video. This will help people when searching for these things, they\’re more likely to find your video. Tag the makeup you used in a tutorial, for example. This is ALSO a good tip for Instagram 🙂

2) Social media: Instagram, Twitter -You know it! There\’s tons of traffic on these sites, so set up a profile and link your channel in your BIO. Don\’t forget you can link your social media from your YouTube too. The more sites your on, the higher your discoverability. However, don\’t join every social network, choose up to 3 and really work on your profile before beginning a new one.

and my final tip for this blog.. 3) Post content regularly! Not only will your channel grow, but you\’ll also get new viewers and subscribers too! Another good tip is to post on a certain day so your followers know when to expect a new upload, every Friday, for example!

AAAAND that\’s all 🙂 Hope you enjoyed this blog, and as always if YOU have any tips don\’t forget to comment below! Ba-bye

infinite xoxo

How to build an online profile

Hello guys! only 24 sleeps till Christmas -Whoop whoop!! Sorry i haven\’t been active, but i will try write more! x

I also just want to say that i\’ll write blogs on online profiles for each individual social media in the future 🙂 Anyways, ENJOY!

So, today i\’m going to talk about something that I know when I was starting out YouTube I would of LOVED to get some tips on, Building an Online profile. It\’s so hard, and no walk in the park.. When you start out, nobody (except a handful of people) know who you are. So most people agree that building an online profile is definitely important, but not only that, it\’s hard to find tips on how to actually do it. So, today i\’m trying to change that:

1) Social media. -Social media is a powerful tool on getting noticed, Instagram, Twitter -you know the drill. Having an account on these is a good way to reach new people and drive traffic towards your main platforms, plus, when people google your name, your social media profiles come up with it. Don\’t forget Fill in relevant details and use the features on offer to you (like Instagram business)

2) Have a searchable name, It\’s hard to be noticed if you use a name like \’Joe Blogs\’ -if you use a unique yet memorable name YOUR profiles, videos and images are MUCH more likely to be top of google\’s search results, instead of someone else\’s.

3) use analytics. It sounds super boring, but you can find some cool info from google analytics. You can tag your YouTube and within in a few days you can find out things like: Where are my audience, what device do they use? and though this isn\’t a MAJOR thing, knowing things like this will help you create better content and improving your online profile. Though it sounds like something geeks like me would do, it\’s not -it\’s presented in a super clear way, so give it a shot.

4) Posts. They are a HUGE part in your online profile -what you post is super important, so think before you post -where else will this image be? if you hit delete, it won\’t be deleted on other platforms so it\’s better just to post relevant things to you, right now. if it isn\’t… hit delete. Sometimes, less it more! (I also did a blog on posts, if you want to check it out :D)

I hope you enjoy my tips, I\’d love to hear yours in the comments below! See you soon 🙂

infinite xoxo

How to actually start a YouTube channel

So, I\’ve noticed I talk a lot about YouTube and Instagram, however, I\’ve never really talked about how to get started and create a channel, which actually may be helpful! So… Without further ado: infinite-wolf-gamers \”starting YouTube\” guide!

1) You need a Google account, which you can create for free. 
2) Head over to YouTube and sign-in on the google account you want to associate with your channel (Don\’t make the mistake I did and use a really bad email that you can\’t change later on)
3) Hit the \’upload\’ button, then YouTube will ask you to enter a channel name. -This you CAN change 
4) your good to go! Upload your first video and then your officially a YouTuber!
Good luck! Infinite xoxo

How to improve videos :)

Heyaa guys! This blog is getting better than ever guys! Thanks so much 🙂

Today, I want to talk about how to make an amazing video -start to end- enjoy my general tips for making a really good YouTube video! Hope you enjoy it, and feel free to comment with your own tips too! -Love to hear them 😀

General video tips:
Keep your video as short as possible, this will help engage your audience, no one wants to be dragged through hours of footage! Find the best -and important- parts from your video, these are the things people want to see!

Make sure that its something you\’d want to watch yourself, yes, infinite\’s repeating herself and ignoring the fact that it makes people lose interest but its actually true! Your the biggest critique on yourself -If you do this right, it should show in your videos! By making them AWESOME!

Speaking on repetition… try not to repeat yourself in videos -This really makes people loose interest, and it also makes your video drag on! See if you say similar things in videos, and edit those bits to make your video shorter and more engaging! 

Make videos that you actually enjoy making! Don\’t do fashion if you love sports, basically. your fans will see your interested and sure, you may lose a subscriber or two, but your fans are here to support you, and they will! If you show your interested, and you care, people will see that and come back for more!

Premieres are a GREAT feature on YouTube, schedule a video to play in real-time, where you can chat to fans as well, like a live but with a pre-recorded video! It\’s a really good way to engage with fans and really fun to do from time to time!

So there you go! I hope you like my tips and I hope you enjoy bonfire-night, guys!! Christmas is creeping closer, I can\’t wait! I\’m getting a GoPro 🙂 SoOo EXCITED!! Anyways, have fun tonight guys! Bye!

infinite xoxo