Online DO\’s and DON\’Ts

Hey guys! 

Sorry for not posting in a while, but I hope you all had a Spook-tastic Halloween -Next Stop Christmas!!

So, since you guys seem to LOVE the tips, I thought I\’d give you what you wanted 🙂 so, how many of you have questioned whether or not to post something on social media? Yup, I know I have. All I can say is been there done that! Well don\’t worry, I\’m here to help as much as I can! So, next time your in these situations, you have a cheat sheet. Your welcome 🙂 

Online DOs:

1)interact with your audience! -This makes you feel good, AND your audience will appreciate it, too!
2)Post unique content regularly. -It doesn\’t have to be daily, or even weekly! Post when it suits YOU
3) Make sure your passwords secure (Sorry! My E-safety mode right there)

4) Be KIND, -It\’s so obvious, but remember Bambi? Awww such a cute film 🙂 But \”If you can\’t say anything nice, don\’t say anything at all!\” 
5) Facts and Opinions! Respect and acknowledge them. Also, don\’t fall into the trap of thinking \”My favourite channel is the best\” is what everyone else thinks, too. 

Online DON\’Ts :
Spam people. Trust me, they will NOT appreciate it.
Post too many links. (Same thing, right..?) But don\’t tweet links to the rest of your content 24/7 …

DON\’T say mean/hurtful things to others (Never ends well, trust me) just don\’t start a war!  

That\’s the shortlist 🙂 So I hope these are kinda helpful? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Infinite xoxo

YouTube channels :)

Hello my Lovely readers, today, I want to talk about why people give up on their channel after a while.

The main reason I think people stop posting is that they don\’t get the responses they want -and I agree- it\’s a little disheartening when you spend hours slaving away over a screen only to have no views and likes in response, everyone who\’s famous has been there once. People expect as soon as they post a video to be noticed immediately, and to have their phone buzzing continuously in the next 24 hours -It just doesn\’t happen- I spent 2 years just to get to where I am right now 247 subscribers -and that\’s nothing compared to 2 million subscribers, those people get 2x more subscribers than I have A DAY! (lucky humans..)

But yeah, many of my friends have started their own channels, and I\’m really supportive at that, I mean it\’s pretty cool having friends doing something you\’re also in to, but after a while, it goes the same way… One day, they say \”Oh I have a channel\” I check it out, I subscribe, watch their first video, like it -once they have uploaded a couple of videos. A month later they post another, and it just grinds to a halt so their latest video was 6 months ago or something. You\’ve just got to show a LITTLE resilience in this department.

But, another thing you should do, as I\’ve repeated multiple times.. You shouldn\’t worry to much about the numbers. Don\’t spend your life saying what you\’ve done isn\’t good enough, i\’m proud of what i\’ve created, sure it isn\’t millions, but i have REAL people -Yes, we all spam ourselves at least once.. who read what I have to say -watch my videos, check out my social media… and it\’s pretty cool! Being grateful DOES has it\’s rewards -My 15-second reviews for Max and Harvey FOMO  have been broadcast on TV SEVEN times! (Sorry, I\’m just really proud of it)

So yeah -If your not famous, don\’t worry too much -Just hang in there! The rewards will be worth it 🙂 Trust me! 

infinite xoxo

Tips you should know on YouTube :)

Heeey guys! Woah, when was the last time I made a blog?! Anyways, SOO good to be back! Today, i want to share with you some My top 5 YouTube tips that may possibly just help you. So, without further ado… My 5 YouTube Tips (For the infamous YouTuber)

1) DON\’T expect to become famous over-night, it only happens to the very few of us, it takes a while to gain an audience -nobody has one ready and waiting, and actually, it\’s part of the fun 😀 
2) Take a Look at the Thumbnail -Videos with a good thumbnail tend to get more views and feedback than one without -I recommend making your own, as YouTube\’s are quite low quality and yeah… AND, here are the links to my editor and photo background remover  (BOTH FREE!) 
3) Don\’t click-bait! Please, please don\’t click-bait -either with the thumbnail or title of your video. You WILL get called out for it in the comments, and nobody wants hate -It\’s best to avoid it. Try to keep thumbnails and Titles as relevant as possible. 
4) Copyright and guideline strikes: Yup! Don\’t break these as you will get striked -.- (Just so you know, 3 strikes and your channel gets terminated -This goes for both copyright and guideline strikes) Try use and make as much of your own content as possible, and if your stuck for music either A) Use YouTube, or B) find copyright free music elsewhere 🙂 
5) Use social media to get more veiws 🙂 There\’s tons of traffic on Instagram etc. So use this and link your channel (BUT DON\’T, I REPEAT DON\’T post links 24/7, it\’s REALLY off-putting) 
I hope these tips are helpful! Got any of your own? please comment them below 😀 Happy YouTubing! 🙂 
Infinite xoxo

Hello, World! (Again…)

\”I want to dedicate this blog to those who made it possible, my fans. Whether you\’ve subscribed Today or in 2017, I wouldn\’t be where I am without your support! Thank you :)\” 
Hi, whoever you are! I\’m infinite 🙂 As you\’ve probably guessed, my name ISN\’T infinite-wolf-game(It\’s Andrea if you MUST know) I am a YouTuber, believe it or not. Not to be all negative, but my channel isn\’t famous. Unless you call 732 (probably a bit less now) subscribers \”famous\” But You know. (What\’s REALLY sad is I only have 14 TWITTER followers… but hey, working on it!)

So. It’s a bit weird writing this, as I\’ve never really done a proper  “Blog” before (They all didn’t work out) But yeah,  I\’ll start with a little about me. -I enjoy photography, dance, singing/songwriting YouTube (DUH) anything to do with the ocean (water sports, coral reefs, animals…turtles DOLPHINS…! ) YUP, that\’s me in a nutshell. So, if you\’re still here after that, then… wow. But thanks!

I’m from the south of the UK, where I was born and raised by my mum (My father sadly passed in 2014) I’m Thai (From my mum’s side) and British, from my dad’s side 🙂 I’ve lived a normal life, going to school and all that jazz, so… yeah 🙂

Um… what else? I am pretty much everywhere if you search \”Infinite-wolf-gamer\” on the internet. seriously, I\’ve tried that for myself 😐 That is how hard I tried to be famous. STILL TRYING, HAHAAA! So this blog is a last-ditch attempt, because hey, what More could I try? Fashion designing? hey… there\’s an idea.

I was on TV 7 times. for 15 seconds each. plus a live phone-in appearance, Yeah, just putting that out there. I was actually satisfied with that for a bit. 🙂

I’ve written songs, not very good ones, and not ones you\’ll hear. but I\’ve got them. tucked in my little notebook. Who knows? People might ACTUALLY like them.

So yes. That’s around it, it’ll be great if you want to stick around, stay tuned and everything because I will write regularly.

-Another thing! I\’ll come up with an ending to my posts eventually…! Thanks for reading this, by the way! -whoever you are.

Infinite xoxo