The Achievements?

Now, I\’m sure a lot of you will know how it feels to be proud, Y\’know, when you get an award or something really cool happens to you.

 I know I was proud when I saw myself on TV for the first time, scored 16/20 for my essay on an English exam, got 100 subscribers and got joint highest in the class on a science exam.

 It feels great! It feels like you\’ve out-done everyone and all your work pays off because of the results that you wanted, however sometimes, people can\’t see how much work you put into things, For my tests, I revised my socks off, I had to wait just over a year to get those 100 subscribers, I had to focus on every detail for the video I sent it to appear on TV, all of these are time-consuming and REALLY off-putting. Motivation is super hard, though this has little relevance, I thought I\’d flex my french skills. En general, j\’aime le sport, parce que c\’est dificil por me motiver. (That\’s a phrase I learnt in french, In general i like sports, but it is difficult to motivate myself. I think it is, anyway)

During the process, it can seem like the reward isn\’t enough, all the effort you put in JUST to get 100 subscribers? And when the reward seems far away, I\’m not the first to say I\’d give up. Because I would. Time is precious and if you really commit to something, Rewards play a HUGE role in your commitment.

I guess this was a pretty weird post, but all I\’m trying to say is: Remember why your doing something, and DON\’T give up so easily 🙂

Wishing you a great new year -Good luck on those resolutions, especially the food ones 😉

Infinite-wolf-gamer xoxo

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