Optimistic mode :) -Daily Goals-

 Hey, everyone! 

Today, I wanted to do a blog as something happened I want to share with you, (nothing bad, I promise!) Speaking to someone very inspirational at lunch, I realised something that, for some reason, made my day that little bit better. 

It was a little weird, actually, how it happened, but I\’m glad it did. I don\’t know how long I\’ll be in this mood but I wanted to write this whilst I was feeling very optimistic. (Even if It does come at the expense of my Spanish lesson.) So, long story short…

A close friend of mine and I needed something to talk about, I suggested it partly because I wanted our friendship to be back in sync and on it\’s old, easier ground, and also because I felt like talking about one person way too much was a little old (-and a bit stalkerish, right?) I had also stated how slightly boring and uneventful my life currently is during lunch hour, and that\’s when It clicked.

Chilling out outside, we started making a list of how to make our lives more interesting, to be honest, we didn\’t get very far and our ideas were vague, like \”Talk to nice people\” vague. But it started something. Throughout lunch, we started talking about goals, because in my mind, someone \”interesting\” has the following things:

1) Passions and skills

2) A Social Life

3) GOALS. 

So we started making our own goals, and at first, they were pretty far-out, like \”Be prettier\” -and let\’s face it, who IS pretty these days? There are definitely people who come close, but is someone the definition of pretty? Hm… But I got to the idea of maybe trying to work on those quirks to become a \”better\” person. -I decided on a simple, easy-to-do in one day goal.

Say Hi to someone who i wouldn\’t normally talk too-

So, after lunch, on my way to Spanish (that I\’m now In) I said a quick Hi to people who I haven\’t spoken to in AGES, and i found it wasn\’t that awkward or hard for me, and I actually got a \”Hi\” in response. This simple acknowledgement, that simple fact i\’d reached my daily goal, was seriously a good feeling, and I feel that one step closer to being someone better, and someone i want to be, quirks and all. 

What about you? -Try setting yourself a simple daily goal, something you can achieve throughout the day, it doesn\’t have to be MAJOR, it can be like mine, a simple \”Hello\”. 

It makes all the difference!

See you soon, I\’m off to make a goal for tomorrow, AND i better get back to my Spanish lesson, I need to translate \”People decorate their houses with ghosts and witches\” -Yes, we\’re doing halloween!

See you soon 🙂 

infinite xoxo

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